Why Sunless Tanning Is Certainly Better Than Exposing The Body To The Sun

By Haywood Hunter

The fact that the sun can cause a wide variety of health problems simply cannot be disputed. One of the main dangers is skin cancer, but premature aging is also a big problem. In addition, too much exposure to the sun can cause marks and spots on the skin. Sporting a beautiful tan remains high fashion however and many people brave the sun and fool themselves that they are wearing lotions to protect them against the harmful UV rays. It is much better to rater consider sunless tanning as an alternative.

There is a bewildering array of products promising perfect results and a brown skin in no time at all. However, it may be difficult to find the tan lotion that will best work for the type of skin on which it will be used. There are many websites that provide expert advice and product reviews and these can prove to be very helpful. Many also offer discussion forums where consumers can share their experiences.

Consumers should nevertheless be discerning when they obtain advice from other consumers. Advice and feedback that is extreme in either direction, either extremely positive or utterly negative, should be disregarded. It is best to heed advice that is objective and balanced. It is also important to remember that all products are not suitable for all types of skin. What works well for one person may produce disastrous results in another.

It may also be wise to peruse fashion magazines and other publications that specialize in consumer advice. Many publications review a variety of products and publish a comparative table of results. For the very best results, however, it would be best to ask a skin specialist to analyze the skin and to recommend products that will work best with that type of skin.

Most professional beauty therapists agree that it is a big mistake to purchase any cosmetics, including tan lotions that are produced by unknown manufacturers. Trying to save money by buying cheap and untested products can lead to bitter disappointment and very poor results. They can even cause extensive damage to the skin. The best advice is therefore to either buy the best possible product or to rater do without it altogether.

Even quality products may contain allergens and it is vital to check the ingredients of a product before buying it. Allergens can cause irritation and itching. If uncertain, the manufacturer should be contacted for more information. Most manufacturers advise consumers to test a new product on a small area of skin before using it. If any adverse reactions occur the product should be avoided.

In these modern and enlightened times consumers are more aware of the impact that their purchasing decisions has on the environment. Many lotions pose a danger to local eco systems and containers and unused products should always be disposed of safely and responsibly. Consumers should also refrain from buying lotions that have been tested on laboratory animals. Unscrupulous manufacturers still do not need the need for working in harmony with nature.

Sporting a tan is still fashionable but the price can be horrific. It is definitely better to rather opt for a lotion that will provide the desired effect indoors. Skin damage caused by the sun can often not be undone or if it can, only at great cost.

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