What You Need To Know Prior To Grabbing A Bottle Of The Sun Tan Lotion

By Haywood Hunter

It can be very exciting to purchase a bottle of tanner at the supermarket or online and try indoor tanning for the first time. Before you do so, it's a good idea to know more about the product you are intending to get. One very popular option you have out there is the Sun tan lotion. Read on to learn a few important things about this product before you buy it.

The chemical it contains called DHA is the one responsible for making your skin dark even without exposing it to the sun. Ending up with irritated skin should be the least of your worries because it is extracted from nature and it's basically just a form of sugar. When applied, DHA undergoes a chemical reaction with your dead skin cells, darkening them in about 3 hours.

Despite of this, you will notice an instant change in complexion the moment you rub on the lotion. This is made possible by the added tinting ingredient. The golden-brown stain created also helps you attain a smoother and more realistic outcome as it can serve as your application guide. With instant result, you can immediately enjoy a boost in beauty and confidence.

The deep brown color created by the bronzer is easily removed with water. This means that you should refrain from taking a shower or doing physical activities that make you sweat. Sweating may cause light-colored clothing to be stained. It is recommendable for you to stick to dark clothes right after getting a tan indoors to avoid this kind of problem.

It's important for the UV-free tanning solution to stay on your skin for 6 to 8 hours after the initial application. This gives the DHA in the product plenty of time to be absorbed by the skin's topmost layer. During this time, you may notice a fishy odor coming from your skin. This is something normal and is observed by everyone using a sunless tanner containing DHA.

The deepest color DHA is capable of yielding becomes evident after 24 to 72 hours. How intense the shade is will depend on the tanner variant that you go for. Sun Laboratories is offering its UV-free tanner in dark, medium and ultra dark shades. It's highly recommendable for you to choose something close to your base skin tone to enjoy a natural looking outcome.

Within a week, you may enjoy having a sun-kissed glow. The color has to disappear gradually and this is something inevitable because your skin is constantly being replaced with a new layer. Fortunately, it's possible to delay this normal process of exfoliation. You just have to regularly apply your favorite moisturizer or the tan extender from the same manufacturer.

Prior to the application of the UV-free tanner, you have to prepare the skin for it. You should hit the shower and exfoliate in order to remove dirt as well as excess dead skin cells. Shaving also has to be done to keep unwanted hair strands from giving the skin a mottled look. Certainly, applying the lotion according to the manufacturer's direction is very important.

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