What You Need To Know About Tanning Lotion

By Haywood Hunter

In order for you to enjoy a good tan you need to moisturize your skin with an effective lotion. There are different types of beds and skin care products that are used to achieve results. It is important for you to find the tanning lotion that works for you.

Accelerators are products that help the skin achieve deep and dark hues naturally. They contain amino acids known as tyrosine and unipertan that boost the production of your natural pigment. If you are a beginner then this is the product that you should be using.

The next type of product is the bronzer; it is used to tone your surface color to the immediate hue. They active ingredient is mostly found in caramel and walnut. Once you have graduated from the beginners stage you can opt to use such products.

People who are at the advanced levels also use tingles during their sessions. This type of products achieve their results by the boosting your oxygenation of your skin. Tingles have a warming effect on the skin and leave it red. It is better to use them on areas that are usually exfoliated and shaven. Benzyl nicotinate is the active ingredient that causes the tingly feeling.

If you want to feel a refreshing, cooling effect during the session you should use the coolants. They contain menthyl lactate as the active ingredient along with other ingredients that have the cooling effects. They may also have additional features that make them hypoallergenic.

You are advised to use these skin care products so as to enhance the results of your sessions. The creams are also essential because they keep that skin glowing and healthy. You can opt for the moist skin tans because you are able to see the results after a few sessions.

The skin care range is meant to increase the magnification of that skin. UV light is reflected by dry skin, always moisturize you skin to achieve the results you have in mind. The products have proteins that are needed by your skin for the process.

There are some products that are specially formulated to prolong the effects by retaining the artificially induced melanin for longer. These skin care products provide the nutrients needed to change the surface tone while still keeping it healthy. Exposure to UV light makes your skin dry so the lotion replaces the moisture that your skin looses during the visits to the tanning place.

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