What To Expect After Breast Enlargement Toronto

By Shawn Hunter

Women consider plastic surgery as a normal part of life. They have various needs for self-improvement including breast enlargement Toronto. Sometimes it is a matter of appearance or cosmetics, and sometimes it is for the purposes of post-surgical reconstruction. Whatever the reason, the recovery process is vital to avoid complications and repercussions.

There are two categories of this type of surgical and they are quite different. The subglandular approach is simpler while the submuscular involves cutting muscle tissue. The latter takes longer to recover for this reason and one should understand this going in. Recovery is always an individual matter in any case reflecting one health condition and age. Your surgeon will give you an estimation of the approximate time it will take to return to normal.

It is wise to give yourself at least six weeks for a good recovery before you try to do anything strenuous in the way of physical activity. Each week there will be some progress. Swelling and bruising should diminish as the appearance of the breasts changes. It is wise not to be overly concerned with this temporary situation. Your skin may be sensitive to the touch and you may feel considerable pain and discomfort. It is all par for the course with plastic surgery. There is not much one can do except to rest.

Generally speaking, you should give six or more weeks for a full recovery process. Before then there will be pain and discomfort and some pressure from the tight bandages. Pain medication is normally prescribed in spite of side effects like nausea or constipation. It may be necessary for the patient to get a good night's sleep however or to feel relaxed. Ice packs and compresses help swelling and discomfort enormously and are always the staple of the recovery process. They are generally used judiciously with fifteen minutes on the area and the same time off.

Surgical drains are also common after surgery to help fluid flow out of the body. This is usually for just a day or two post-op. It may be a little annoying and uncomfortable, but it does you considerable good preventing or relieving the buildup of pressure.

Apart from scars and bruising, the breasts will change in size, shape, and texture. Again, it is nothing to worry about and is quite expected. You cannot judge the final results too early on and should wait for your surgeon to advise you whether you have achieved full recovery.

Numbness is another symptom of surgery that is normal after nerves have been cut. It, too, will pass like everything else. Your doctor should explain this fact to allay any undue concern. He should also mention to sleep on your back to avoid rolling over and aggravating the breasts. Additionally, he will advise no baths or showers for at least a few days until the bandages are removed and the area inspected.

All in all, breast surgery can be an ordeal that takes time for full recovery. Talk with your surgeon and understand the process and what you can and should do to urge it along. In time, you will achieve the results of your dreams and forget the discomfort that preceded them.

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