What To Do Prior To And After The Use Of The Sun Tan Lotion

By Haywood Hunter

Having the most beautiful fake tan involves the use of an excellent at-home tanner and its proper application. You also have to carry out a few things prior to the use of your Sun tan lotion and after doing so. Read on to learn more about these important matters so that you may end up with a golden-brown glow that won't fail to impress your family, friends and everyone else.

Before grabbing the bottle of the tanner, taking a shower has to be done. The active ingredient called DHA may not be able to completely do its job if dirt and grime keep it from being absorbed. With clean skin, nothing can stop DHA from working.

Polishing the skin while you are taking a shower is important too. Doing so gets rid of excessive dead cells found on the skin's uppermost layer. If you skip exfoliating just before you apply the sunless tanner, a blotchy result is very likely to happen. Other than using a sponge or loofah, it's also possible for you to opt for the exfoliating gel from the manufacturer.

Shaving the skin is another thing you have to do beforehand. This is best done while you are still fresh from the shower so you can enjoy a close shave. Without unwanted facial and body hairs, it's easier to avoid a mottled effect. Just in case your preferred hair removal method is waxing, try doing it a day ahead to allow your skin to bounce back from the procedure.

Apply your everyday moisturizer to very dry areas of the body. More DHA is absorbed by your knees and elbows due to their excessive dryness. Once this active ingredient has completed its job, you will notice that the mentioned areas are evidently darker than the rest. This can be avoided simply by covering them with moisturizer just before you smooth on the sunless tanner.

Letting the sunless tanner linger on your skin for the next 6 to 8 hours is something very important. This is done to give DHA enough time to perform its role completely. Certainly, you should refrain from showering or performing physical activities that cause you to sweat. The manufacturer has added enough fragrance to mask the fishy smell DHA gives off while working.

Moisturizing the skin regularly is another step that you should do after the desired color is achieved. It helps delay the natural process of exfoliation, letting the golden-brown hue stay longer. For this job, you may simply apply the hand and body moisturizer you use everyday. You may also choose to grab a bottle of the tan extender being offered by Sun Laboratories.

Exfoliating in the shower has to be done once again when you notice that the color is already fading. Skin cells are replaced at varying rates all over your body. It's because of this why the sun-kissed glow generated by the tanning lotion may fade unevenly. By polishing the skin in the shower, you can maintain a smooth bronze color until such time it has vanished fully.

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