Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Use The Sun Self Tanner Than Sunbathe

By Haywood Hunter

Your really don't have to stay under the sun for several minutes just to make your complexion look stunning. All you have to do is apply the Sun self tanner to achieve the skin tone of your dreams almost instantly. If you have never tried using this product in the past to attain a fake tan, read on. Below you can come across the top 7 reasons why you should opt for it.

Getting your skin darkened is possible even without getting too much UV light emitted by the sun. Health authorities have long warned the public against sunbathing because it can trigger the development of skin cancer. Being spotted with a stunning complexion these days means absolutely nothing if one day in the future everyone will learn you have skin cancer.

Using the product allows you to sport a bronze complexion all year round. No matter if it's summer or winter time, you can be sure that your skin will always have that healthy and lovely glow. The UV-free tanner from Sun Laboratories is also available in a smaller container. Having it in your bag allows you to maintain a golden-brown skin tone everywhere you go.

The resulting color looks just like an actual suntan. What makes the product work impressively is the use of the right blend of ingredients. The most important of all is DHA, a chemical derived from plants that is capable of darkening your skin without involving UV radiation in the process. No one has to know your tan is fake especially when you apply the tanner perfectly.

Your gorgeous skin tone stays around for up to 7 days. The color can last for a long time because of DHA, the UV-free tanner's active ingredient. This chemical can cause the dead cells on the topmost layer of your skin to end up brown. The color that gives you a fake sun-kissed glow has to fade eventually because the skin exfoliates itself on a regular basis.

A change in skin tone happens right away due to the addition of bronzer. Its presence is necessary because it usually takes 3 hours for DHA to create the initial golden-brown color. Upon applying the tanner, the added bronzer lets you see results immediately. It also serves as your guide during the application so that you can come up with the smoothest possible result.

There is no reddening involved that usually happens when you stay under the sun for too long. Your complexion can go from pale to stunning instantly without the need to go through that unsightly and usually painful phase. What's more, you don't have to end up with tan lines so you can show off your gorgeous complexion without any of those annoyances.

Unsightly skin peeling is another thing that you can dodge when you choose to tan the sunless way. Looking your best is possible no matter if you just applied the tanning solution now or a couple of days ago. The moment you notice that the golden brown hue is already beginning to fade, exfoliate while taking a shower to keep others from suspecting it's fake.

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