Some Facts On Varicose Vein Treatment Dayton Oh Patients Need To Know

By Daphne Bowen

Varicose veins are a fairly common vascular problem. They are more common among women with a prevalence of 55% compared to men (45%). The condition is associated with many complications some of which are life threatening. Unfortunately, many people do not seek medical help until the symptoms have advanced. There is some important information on varicose vein treatment Dayton Oh residents need to know if seeking treatment for the condition.

To properly understand the management of this condition, there is a need to have an idea of the cause and pathogenesis. It has been shown that the main problem is incompetent valves in the veins of lower limbs. Pooling of blood causes the vessels to bulge as they expand in the presence of increased volume. This is what causes them to appear tortuous.

There are factors that are known to predispose or to aggravate the condition. Positive family history features prominently on this list. As a matter of fact at least half of the cases attended to have a genetic element to them. Related to this is the fact that most people who suffer from the condition also suffer from other illnesses such as diverticular disease. Other significant factors include marked obesity, female gender, prolonged standing and the use of hormonal contraceptives.

The main reason as to why people go to the hospital is because of the unsightly appearance of affected limbs. The problem is more of a concern for persons that have expose the limbs for one reason or the other. For the clinician, the biggest concern is the possibility of thrombosis. Due to the stagnation of blood, clots may be formed and these may move through the vessels into vital organs such as the lungs, the brain and the kidneys.

There are several modes of treatment that are used. The choice of treatment is determined by factors such as cost, severity of disease and response to other forms of management. Stockings are inarguably the commonest used method. They are worn for several weeks and are aimed at compressing the vessels and reducing their visibility. Doctors will often advise you to elevate your limbs as many times as possible.

Sclerotherapy is another form of conservative management that may be considered. In this therapy, a special chemical is introduced into the affected vessels by way of injection. The objective is to cause injury to the vessels in question and as the injured site heals, scar tissue is formed. Scar tissue adds to the strength of the vessels. This therapy is suitable for small and medium sized vessels.

Surgery is only used when all the other techniques have been tried without success. It may also be indicated when there is excessive bleeding after rupture and when the vessels are too large to be managed with the conservative options. The method that is used involves tying the abnormal blood vessel at two ends and stripping it in its entirety.

The management of varicose veins should be started as early as possible. Persons that have a first degree relative who has been treated for the condition need to be on the lookout since they are at a particularly high risk. Delays often lead to complications that are a lot more difficult to manage. Ulcers, cellulitis, dermatitis and venous thrombosis are some of the complications to look out for.

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