Some Facts About The Most Popular Self Tanning Products

By Haywood Hunter

Everyone looks better when tanned. The body looks slimmer, eyes are shinier, and every skin type looks more beautiful. Summer is always too short, but most people still prefer natural sunbathing, however dangerous it can be. It's hard to keep your bronze when summer is gone, but various self tanning products can help you achieve desired bronze shades.

Another reason for avoiding direct sunlight, especially when the sun is strongest, is its effect on your skin appearance. Frequent exposure to sun rays causes premature skin aging, spots, burns and other skin damages you would rather avoid. Careful sunbathing in the morning or late in the afternoon is something else. This can be really beneficial for your health, but you won't get deeply tanned this way.

You probably have several solarium salons in your area. It takes some time and money, but you can achieve desired tan there. The problem is the price, on the first place. One session is not nearly enough, and frequent exposure can also be dangerous for your skin, especially if you have really sensitive one. This treatment can also speed up your skin aging process.

Self-tanners are perfectly safe to use and provide natural looking tan in no time at all. Good quality gels, creams and lotions are designed for all skin types, and available in different nuances and shades. They contain natural ingredients, including moisturizers, and are really gentle to your skin, even if it is really sensitive. Results are lovely and the price is affordable.

Self tanners are usually divided into instant and overnight products. Instant gels, foams and lotions are extremely light, easy absorbing and available in several appealing nuances, from golden shades to deep chocolate bronze tans. The results are instant, and can last up to several days. There are also temporary tanning products available, and they can be easy washed away. All are really easy to use.

Overnight lotions take one to three hours to fully develop your chosen color. Application is simple, and it is easiest to apply the lotion in the evening. This way you will have wonderful bronze shade in the morning, and it will look perfectly natural. Lotions can also be in spray. Home airbrush sets are especially practical. These sets contain all you need for applying and maintaining your new tan.

Today, most quality tanners contain DHA. This sugar based component reacts with dead skin cells on skin surface, and this reaction causes skin coloration. More DHA in your product means deeper bronze nuances. This reaction takes place on skin surface only, and the color will eventually fade away, in up to two weeks, depending on the product.

There are only few things you need to remember. The skin needs to be exfoliated before applying tanning lotion. Elbows and heels will absorb more color, so you need to wipe these areas to avoid discoloration. Use good quality moisturizer and different bronzers to get the best results. When your color fades away, simply apply a new layer of your chosen product.

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