Settle On An Effective Tanning Solution For That Summer Look

By Haywood Hunter

Many years ago, if a person wanted to a golden tan they would have to rub baby oil over their body and lay down in the sun. You will find that most of the time you would only get sunburned instead of getting a bronze tan. However after spending your time in the sun and even getting a little burnt, you will feel happy with your tan in the end.The only part of this "old school" approach to tanning is that your skin will start flaking and peel.With technology rapidly growing, they have successfully found a method to go sunless with it.

Many people wonder how a person can achieve a golden brown tan without getting sun exposure. For some people, this can sound rather far-fetched. The truth is that this is a reality and so easy for you to achieve. You will find they have developed wonderful new ways that were proven to be very safe and it won't cause harm to your skin.

You can try some of the great new methods and see which one you prepare to use.After trying them all out you will be able to see which method you don't like and experiment with all the others until you find one that works for you. Not all these methods will suit everyone. What works for one person may not necessary work for another person?This is good news as you will be able to play around and see what will work for you.

If you have a function coming up and you would like to have a golden brown tan, there are a few quick methods that you could try. If you don't have enough time to sit in the sun, you could go to the super market and purchase a self-tan lotion. This lotion will temporarily transform your skin into that desired bronze tone. However, this is not a permanent thing and it will fade away. It is ideal for a short notice function. It is very easy to apply and you will see your skin change color immediately.

If you go to a salon, they might offer a spray on tan. This means that you will stand either with your bathing suit on or if you are comfortable to stand in the nude. They will then start spraying the brown tan onto your skin. This might resemble spraying paint using a spray gun. This is pretty much the same kind of concept except they are using a solution.

You could also go for sun bed treatments as this also transform your skin tone to a darker tone. A tan bed is similar to relaxing in the sun for a session. However, you will not have the sun directly on your skin which could cause it to burn.

These are some of the great alternative to getting a sun tan without the blazing sun on your skin. This way you are able to protect your skin from the harmful rays from the sun. With so many skin conditions and diseases that can occur due to over exposure from the sun, these options are a wonderful alternative.

Now you can strive to get a beautiful tan without having to see the sun. These great methods are convenient for you to use. They are very cost effective and you are not likely to risk damaging your skin.

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