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By Haywood Hunter

If you are planning to make you skin look a little bit darker it is advisable to pick a reliable self-tanner in the market. This will enable you to avoid buying a product that will have no results and most importantly the side effects resulting from the use of just any tanner that you find. The below products are well known, used and trusted by many and are therefore being the Best Self Tanner recommended.

Guerlains Terracotta body and self-tanning sprays. It was initially made in the city of Paris and it still holds ranks among the finest spray tanner in the market. One can dress up within a short time of application due to its ability to dry quickly, its natural tint of tan deepens as time goes on and its smell factor is almost similar other tanning products. It has a higher price relative to others despite featuring greatly.

LOreal Magnificent Glow for body use. The darkener is inexpensive and great. Through tests it has been proven that in order to get perfect results one should apply over a time period of a couple of days so that it provides time for tan to steadily darken. A thin coating of moisturizer must be applied upon application. The product is further made attractive by the level of price and the shimmer that is left behind. A con of the product is that it is runny while majority of testers favored pump.

Laura Mercier Darkening Gel for face. Unlike other bronzers this one is supposed to be applied to improve the face tan. The manufacturer recommends applying a little on after moisturizer which was tinted and before powder. It is a little bit expensive than other bronzers in the market though compliments suggest that that is worth, for providing a tanned appearance with a rose touch and warming the skin while adding spark of glitter.

St. Tropez whipped Bronze self-darkening mousse for face and body. This salon brand is very popular with celebrities. A deep naturally looking tan is what you get just after a few weeks of application. Since the product acts and dries faster is recommended that you use the pad made by St. Tropez for their product. The good news is that missed patches can be easily fixed and it has a pleasant fragrance. Its ideal for the whole body.

Decleor self darkening milk inclusive of gels for face and the body . They are among the favorite and less pungent self-tanners . The product has been found out to be nearly perfect due to its features in hydrating, natural, non streaking, with exception of color orange and has bits of shimmer. The agents responsible for bronzing are a hundred percent organic hence are ideal for face and body.

Clarins radiance plus self-tanning cream gel for the face. It has been highly rated by authors of the total beauty. It is light and has a smell that is pleasant and lasts for a couple of days and is also works greatly on oily skins.

It is ever wise for people with dark skin complexions to select tanners that are medium as selecting a fair one will make the tan unrecognizable. If you want better results, it well that you try those that you have seen working well with people you associates with rather than experiment all darkening products.

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