Reasons Why The Airbrush Self Tan Approach Is The Preference Of Many Artificial Suntan Fans

By Haywood Hunter

Artificial suntan aficionados have plenty of choices when it comes to the attainment of the skin tone they love. Many of them prefer the airbrush self tan method, in particular the kind offered at most tanning salons. Sporting a realistic sun-kissed glow becomes an easier task with the help of the industry experts and of course the best indoor tanning solutions out there.

Indoor tanning specialists armed with their airbrushing tools are capable of producing artificial suntans that look convincing. Because the indoor tanners used these days are tinted, it's trouble-free for the pros to give their customers smooth and impressive results. The application of tinted tanning solutions allows for the creation of a darker skin tone right on the spot.

The instantaneous skin darkening effect achieved when tinted tanners are applied can be washed off in the shower. However, it's important for customers to take note that the active ingredient known as DHA is the one that produces the fake suntan that lasts for a week. DHA takes 3 hours to create a change in skin color, further building up in the next 24 to 72 hours.

Obtained from plant sources, DHA can effectively cause the darkening of your skin's uppermost layer. The good news is you don't have to be subjected to excessive UV rays coming from the sun to see the result. Because you don't have to sunbathe just to look and feel more appealing, you can have peace of mind that you are not putting your health in danger each time.

Being airbrushed by the pros allows the customers to attain the exact skin color that they wish to sport. Today's indoor tanners are available in a variety of shades, usually ranging from light to very dark. It's not unlikely for airbrushing experts to suggest which colors suit best their customers to help them achieve the most realistic artificial suntan afterwards.

The entire body may be airbrushed or only certain parts preferred by a customer. Enabling today's airbrushing authorities to perform the task saves anyone from putting up with certain drawbacks commonly encountered by those who choose to do it at home. Some of them are ending up with stained palms, the inability to reach certain body areas and having a blotchy result.

Going through the airbrush tanning method is the favorite of many indoor suntan fans and it's not difficult to see why. It's a must for anyone who wants to avail of such service to visit a reputable tanning salon. Getting personal recommendations and going online to research make finding the best local salon to visit a simple job.

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