Performing Airbrush Mobile Tanning Correctly

By Haywood Hunter

Airbrush tanning refers to a process which uses air compression and a delivery system to evenly and gently apply airbrush mobile tanning solution onto skin. It utilizes a base that is chemically safe and derived from sugar in order to accomplish this goal. You may expect to undergo this procedure within 20 minutes or just slightly more, depending upon the body regions covered.

A coloring solution is applied with evenness, typically absorbing quickly and giving rise to a golden, natural-looking tan. This form of coloration process fades just as happens with real tan and eliminates exposure to multiple hours of damaging sun rays. UV rays can lead to premature aging, burning and even cancer of skin. The ultimate effect normally lasts between 5 and 10 days as dead skin exfoliates slowly.

Under normal circumstances, the results of this coloring operation will go on for in-between 5 and 10 days, within which time dead skin then exfoliates slowly. The active substance applied during the coloring procedure is called Dihydro-acetone (DHA). This chemical is obtained from sugar cane and easily interacts with the proteins and amino acids present on the external layer of skin, as such producing golden-brown coloration.

A reaction follows that lasts around 4 to 6 hours, emerging visibly into a golden tan that keeps developing across the next 24-hour period. The color which is obtained varies slightly between persons, just as does UV tans on natural skin. This is fairly distinct from UVA and UVB sun ray effects, which work by stimulating melanin pigment found in skin.

The tanning process, done using the special brush occasions a golden-brown color leading to skin injury of any sort. American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), states that available products present are normally constituted using DHA as the chief active substance. A professional with special skills is able to carry out the color-changing procedure in a fantastic way.

You will require stepping into a booth of some kind normally, comprising of pop-up tent that makes it possible for you to stand and face any direction. The booth keeps the coloring solution from getting stuck on the wall or floor within that room. Your color-application practitioner will then utilize the special gun for spraying your skin in the most even manner possible.

As this process goes on, the professional will direct you about how exactly to act, such as when to shut the eyes. One great thing about this method of coloration is that the solution employed can get customized or mixed in a manner that matches your own skin tone perfectly. Do ensure to browse the World Wide Web in order to locate a seasoned coloring practitioner knows what kind of mix would be your best match.

The professional best knows how to match your skin tone with the coloring application. After determining the ideal solution for your skin, you can expect to have the process undertaken efficiently across any part of the body desirable. The stream of spray is applied to the skin from a very close distance and this usually makes it appears very natural to whoever is performing the application.

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