Ordering Sun Laboratories Ultra Dark Topical Products To Obtain The Deepest Fake Tan

By Haywood Hunter

Sunbathing for hours just to have the most impressive golden brown complexion isn't a good idea. That's because unnecessary exposure to ultraviolet or UV light can leave you with photo damage and deadly skin cancer. Luckily, there are all sorts of Sun Laboratories Ultra Dark Self Tanners to choose from, each of them fast-acting and trouble-free to apply.

Self tanners are designed to cause skin darkening without requiring exposure to UV radiation. Unlike sunbathing, these at-home tanning solutions do not promote melanin multiplication. The active ingredient they share reacts with the amino acids present in dead skin cells. In a few hours, a dramatic skin tone change which closely resembles a real tan becomes evident.

These products started getting lots of attention ever since health authorities found a link between UV radiation and skin cancer. They are also highly popular especially among women who prefer not to be bugged by various premature aging signs. Using self tanners allow for the development of a golden brown skin tone without causing health and cosmetic problems. They are convenient to use and allow your complexion to look like a winner no matter the time of the year.

Worldwide, many consumers trust Sun Laboratories because of the top-notch self tanning solutions it offers. The company's Ultra Dark product line is formulated to yield the most intense bronzed complexion possible. The resulting tan may be enjoyed for 7-10 days from the initial application. Everyone will think that you had just been to the beach as it looks so real.

Products like these are commonly used by fair-skinned individuals who want a very dramatic yet temporary physical transformation. They're also being used by those who came into this world with olive complexion but want to enhance their skin tone. These at-home tanning solutions are effective but are formulated mildly, keeping skin irritation at bay.

In order to produce the darkest brown tone possible, large concentrations of dihydroxyacetone or DHA are added into these self tanners. DHA promotes a complexion change when it comes into contact with dead skin cells and reacts with the amino acids they contain. You'll be glad to know that this chemical is mild. It comes from sugar cane and has the FDA's approval.

So many at-home tanning solutions are available for individuals who wish to give up sunbathing. Many prefer the lotion or foam type because of the ease of application. The added brown tints make the product even more trouble-free to apply. It dries quickly, keeping downtime to a bare minimum. The spray type is also popular. Pressing the can's nozzle delivers DHA-containing liquid to the skin as fine mist. Because of this, the formation of those unsightly brown streaks may be avoided. In case you own an airbrush for home use, you may avail of the solution designed exclusively for such device.

People using Sun Laboratories Ultra Dark Self Tanners today have significantly lower chances of ending up with skin cancer in the future. These products also help prevent photo damage, making it easier to maintain a youthful appeal. Obtaining a deep olive complexion that looks very real and lasts for several days is made possible by these various at-home tanning solutions.

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