Modern Methods Of Sunless Tanning

By Haywood Hunter

Beautiful, bronze skin is always an asset. Unfortunately, the easiest way of achieving it is the most dangerous one. Exposing your skin to direct sunlight in the middle of a day can cause serious burns, for example, but also skin cancer, especially if the skin is pale and sensitive. This skin type requires special attention and maximal sunblock, but it is still risky to expose it to the sun. Other sunless tanning methods are more appropriate.

One of the most widely used method for achieving a beautiful bronze color at any time of the year is using solarium. Many self-tanning salons offer the solarium services in specially designed beds. Depending on the type of equipment, the whole process takes a relatively short time. It is important to protect your eyes and to properly prepare your skin for this procedure. The results are very similar to the results of natural sunbathing.

The biggest problem is the price. Solarium is quite expensive, especially if you are interested in maintaining deep bronze nuance all year long. The procedure can cause skin damages as well as skin aging, just as natural sunbathing. Pale people with sensitive or damaged skin should consider other methods of achieving desired tan.

In the past few years, various lotions and bronzing creams have become more popular. Depending on the product you use, the color can last for several hours, several days or even weeks. If you would like to achieve desired color simply and easily, you can visit some of the self-tanning salon, or buy some of the products and apply it yourself.

Self-Tanning Salons offer the service of applying paint using an air brush. It is a very effective method, provided that it is practiced by well-trained person. The color is uniform, because it is applied in the form of tiny droplets that are absorbed into the skin without any leaks, streaks or drips. Do not forget to bring your old swimsuit to your chosen salon.

Of course, you are perfectly able to do this in your own bathroom. All fake tan products are available in different forms and several catchy nuances you can choose from. Instant gels and foams, overnight lotions, facial creams, you name it. Most products need a few hours to develop, but when you are in hurry, there are some instant solutions for you, too.

Most self-tanners are based on DHA. This component is based on natural sugar, and perfectly harmless. It causes a chemical reaction with the amino acids in the dead layer on the skin, very similar to natural tanning process. That's why the color lasts for at least few days, fading gradually. The skin is constantly renewing itself, and if you want to keep the intensity, you have to reapply the product.

The skin should be smooth and gently exfoliated before the procedure. Soft washcloth or sponge will help, but it is advisable to use exfoliating gel as well. Pay special attention to rough skin on your elbows and heels. Apply your self tanner on perfectly dry skin. Different color maintaining lotion will make your color even more attractive and more durable.

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