Many People Choose To Trust In Sun Labs Ultra Dark

By Haywood Hunter

Having the best look out on the beach is very nice. Sun Labs Ultra Dark tanner has been getting many positive reviews stating that this product is very good and many are not even considering a change. It is a little more difficult to apply but it leaves a very natural tone of a browner color. If applied too heavily it could leave a reddish brown look to it.

They are a Taiwan based pharmaceutical company and are proud of the quality that they produce. The founder, a Mr. Tien Fu Hsu started this company in the 1950s to make newer and safer medical technology for Taiwan. The first product that was produced was a mouth freshener and only organic ingredients were used.

This is one of the few that actually has a pleasant smell after applying. It has a mixture of cherries and almonds. There are so many out there that once applied you try to avoid going out at all costs. It does have a disadvantage that it could take awhile before it dries. It does have a tendency to cause break outs depending on your skin type.

Many think that using a tanning bed is the same as getting a spray-on. It is in fact more like lying in the sun as the globes produce ultraviolet radiation. There was a study done, 35% of adults and 55% of students that have used this form of tanning, more than 419.000 new skin cancers were found. There is more indoor skin related cancers then there are of lung cancers due to smoking. Those that have used a tanning bed four times during the year are more likely to develop melanoma by as much as 11% than those that do not use them.

In the past most tanning lotions did tend to leave ones skin with an orange look to it. Any product with dihydroxyacetone on the box should be avoided. Some products use a green base that will leave the skin with a natural look and also helps to take out the redness that is normally in the skin.

One is even able to purchase an overnight self tanner gift bag that includes an 8 oz lotion as well as an exfoliating body gel and a 9oz moisturizer. This will leave you with a golden tan. The exfoliating scrub has had certain vitamins as well as natural ingredients added. These will gently clean away any dead cells and will revitalize at the same time, leaving your skin ready for the cream to be applied. It easily soaks into the skin and does not leave a greasy feel behind.

If doing this yourself keep about 3 hours free as it could take awhile and one does not want to rush and get an unsatisfactory result. Exfoliate and shave before applying the lotion. If you have areas that are very dry apply some cream before, these areas will result in the skin having a very dark and unnatural look to it. Always apply to dry skin so as not to leave streaks.

The best product on the market is from Sunlabs. These can be used on any skin tone and will leave a healthy glow. It is a good idea to purchase an exfoliate body gel from the same make as this will ensure that the color will last much longer.

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