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By Shawn Hunter

Ever since men were created they have always had beards. This has always been among some of the distinctive factor that are used to distinguish men from women since only on very rare occasions do women have beards. This has made the beard such a point of discussion for almost all men with an aim of having a better or the best beard. In a bid to find this beard perfection a number of people have come up with a combination of barber shop equipment NYC as part of the perfection scheme.

Cleanliness is of essence in most if not all among the men who love their beards. This makes the first most important component in the beauty kit to be the shampoo. This is because the shampoo is used to clean these hairs. The shampoo in most cases does not have only the cleaning components in it. It also contains elements that enhance the growth of this hair and at the same time preserving the skin on the face.

After a thorough beard wash the shampoo is followed by the conditioner. The conditioners purpose is to design hairs into its desired shape as thought about by the designer. The conditioner also makes the hair lighter and stronger. The conditioner enhances the colour and growth level of these hairs.

To give it a shine and attractive glow that makes it look health a person is encouraged to use beard oil. This is because the oil is only manufactured for these hairs. To enhance the growth of the beard, and not to create pimples on the chin and other surrounding parts. This oil is specially made to retain and attain perfection at a certain level.

A beard balm also forms one of these products that also forms part of this kit for the care products. The balm has almost similar components to the conditioner. The difference comes into play at the additives and the essentials. The balm has more additions and essentials as compared to the conditioner. In some cases it contains wax which really helps to retain the shape of this hair at the set standard.

A good majority of people consider this to only consist of the goatee underneath the chin and tend to ignore the moustache under the nose. The moustache is in every sense part of it. This fact makes the moustache wax a very vital product when it comes to beard care. The moustache wax functions as a wax that is used to smoothen the outlook of ones moustache and to retain its shape.

The natural beard is scruffy in nature. It coils back to its natural shape and to correct this, the comb is used to straighten it back to its position. This makes the comb a very essential product in the beard care. Most people use the comb to straighten their beards since they are too sensitive when it comes to use of machines on them.

Whenever it grows long and looses shape it needs to be cut. A pair of scissors and shavers are a necessity for any beard care kit this is because it enables one to self maintain and self shave when need be.

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