Invisalign Laguna Hills Services Available To Locals

By Shawn Hunter

There are many components of dentistry. All strive to maintain or improve oral health. Orthodontics focuses specifically on issues related to malpositioning of the jaw or teeth. Invisalign is a modern way for teeth to realigned. Invisalign Laguna Hills is available to people living in Aliso Viejo, CA or surrounding areas.

Teeth serve many functions, including: grinding, tearing, cutting, grasping and holding feed for eating. They also impact confidence in most people. This is something that people may used to judge the attractiveness and health of a person. Adults are only given one set of natural teeth so keeping them well-maintained is important.

Transparent, incremental aligners are used in this process to adjust teeth. The method is an alternative to braces but has not be studied to assess its results. Nonetheless, it is used by many who have seen positive results from this.

Align Technology is responsible for this product. It is a multi-national medical device company based in San Jose, California. Treatment of this kind involves taking teeth molds to be scanned into the computer to produce digital models. Using the treatment set by the orthodontist, the computer model creates the different stages of treatment from current positioning of teeth to desired positioning. Molds are created for all of these stages.

Aligners are employed for moderate crowding of front teeth. Those who have teeth too far forward or backward are not ideal candidates for this. Likewise, this might not be the best for people with teeth rotated into their socket. Instead, regular braces may be more effective. Invisalign is more noticeable than lingual braces, but it is also more comfortable. A perk is that it can be removed so that the teeth are easier to clean and dentists can install the aligners easily.

Treatment begins with bite registration, teeth and gum impressions, photographs and x-ray. The dentist and orthodontist will complete the evaluation that will include the official diagnosis and treatment solution. Impressions are scanned to create a three-d model of the teeth in digital form. Technicians can use this to move teeth to the location that is desired with a special computer program. This shows the stages from current teeth position to desired positioning. Six to fourth-eight aligners might be used. Each aligner is expected to move teeth around . 25 to . 33 millimeters.

A lot of technology is involved in this process. Every aligner should be worn for 20 hours per day for approximately two weeks. The overall treatment process lasts for 13.5 months. The time for treatment will vary based on the state of the teeth and the complexity of the realignment process. The doctor might make refinements along the way, based on the process. Aligners should be removed for eating, flossing and brushing. When treatment is complete, patients will be advised to continue wearing an retainer into the future to maintain the results.

Results will differ. Always follow dentist orders to ensure the best results. Straight teeth are considered attractive. Do research when looking for a professional to hire for these services. Costs will vary, as well as other factors. Payment plans might be available.

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