Instructions Which Ensure Optimum Effects With Sun Laboratories Medium

By Haywood Hunter

Although repeated exposure to the sun also brings about the deep golden tan that people so crave, it comes with deadly consequences for the skin. Scientists have revealed that the ultra violet rays from the sun contain carcinogens that have been associated with skin cancer. In a bid to avoid being attacked by cancer, people are moving away from using sunshine to tan their skin, and instead use sun laboratories medium. The following are instructions on how to use sun laboratories medium.

There are people who often complain that the use of sun laboratories medium leaves their skins with a disgusting orange color. Others also say that their skins are left with streaks that make them look really funny. While this is true, it is actually a problem of wrong application of these beauty items.

Thus to avoid the streaks, you have no option but to learn the correct procedure of its application. Even before you apply the product, you need to prepare your skins so that it is ready for application. This occurs by exfoliating the skin. This eliminates the dead scaly layer of your skin so that by the time you get to apply sun laboratories medium, it will get direct into the skin.

The second thing is to moisturize your skin. You can do this by using the correct moisturizing lotion. The purpose of moisturizing your skin is to make it smooth and ready for application of sun laboratories medium. The parts that you need to concentrate on more are rougher areas of your body such as your wrist and ankles. These are the most likely to show those streaks.

Even after preparing your body as mentioned above, there is still a possibility of streaks occurring. This is especially if you apply sun laboratories medium in a steamy bathroom. The high temperature of the bathroom is enough to cause this product to melt and then come off the skins.

The lotion is applied in thin layers to skin. You may decide to wear gloves so as to protect your hands from being stained by sun laboratories medium. But if you apply it using your bare hands, it is important to make sure that you wash your hands properly after you are done and dusted.

You will only get the results you have been dreaming of if you follow the right procedure. But if you choose to ignore the procedures that have been outlined above, then be ready for quite unsavory results. It is advisable that if you are using sun laboratories medium for the first time, you better have it applied to you by someone who knows.

This is most likely at a salon or a beauty spa. It could be the first few times. Learn the tips and tricks of its application of sun laboratories medium and later you can use them. Remember the salon option is a bit expensive, so you want to learn the procedure so that you can apply sun laboratories medium by yourself at home.

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