Information Regarding Self Tanning Products

By Haywood Hunter

There are many types of skin and some of them are brown, black, white, and red. Skins may be oily, scaly, or dry. For this reason, some people find it important to apply self tanning products to give skin extra nourishment. Most commercial brands have dihydroxyacetone as the main component responsible for causing the color change in skin. Dihydroxyacetone is normally shortened as DHA in most publications. Using commodities that have DHA eliminates the need to use sun beds or hours spent on the sun in order to tan skin.

Dihydroxyacetone is present in 2 two main categories or forms. The 2 forms are natural and chemical. As suggested by the names, the natural form is an extract of plants while the chemical counterpart is a product of chemical processes. Commodities that have the natural version are recommendable for use because they cause no harm to humans. Since the chemical DHA is a produced through chemical reactions, it may have some harmful compounds.

The skin has three main layers and the uppermost layer also called corneum is the one responsible for all tanning in the body. Corneum has dead cells which contain amino acids. DHA combines with the amino acids in the dead cells to cause a reaction that leads to a change in color. The reaction is very safe and non-toxic making DHA a safe and recommendable product.

The observed color change is temporary and the product needs periodic reapplication to maintain the tan. In many cases one should take ten days before reapplying. Some formulas have a combination of DHA and erythulose, another tanning compound. The resulting mixture produces a more conspicuous tan that lasts longer than when each of them is used alone. In products that contain erythulose alone, it works like DHA, but the tan requires more time form fully.

Tanning products are the best option for people who want to achieve a radiant skin because of several reasons. Besides being a safe option, there is no need for one to waste a lot of time in sun bed or the sun trying to get tanned. Excessive exposure to sunlight is also known to cause skin cancer in most skin types hence options that involve UV are not good. Also, the risk of getting skin burns is eliminated.

Tanners rejuvenate skin cells making skin look young and without wrinkles. Unwrinkled skin appears young and beautiful. In contrast to this safe method is sun bathing which damages skin supporting tissues. Damage of supporting tissues causes aging of the skin as a whole. Sun beams also cause wrinkles to be formed on the body something most people try hard to avoid.

Tanning compounds also contain extra substances that keep the skin moisturized all day long. One should however know that commodities that contain moisturizers do not cause the skin to tan immediately. It may take several days of using the product for the tan to form. This is the best option for people who want there body to tan gradually not fast.

Compounds that protect the skin from sun are the other important additives. Such additives safeguard the body from damage by sunlight. They are essential particularly in regions with hot weather.

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