Improving Health Options With A Compounding Pharmacy South San Francisco

By Daphne Bowen

For the many millions of American women and men who have been waiting for it, the state of California has finally decriminalized the use of marijuana, and even legalized the use of this product for medicinal purposes. Scientists can continue to study this plant and it's powers of healing without losing funding. From inside the safety of a compounding pharmacy South San Francisco, a new means of treating disease can now emerge.

When pharmaceutical drugs are compounded, the various ingredients of the medicine are mixed together at the pharmacy while the patient waits. This can allow the drug to be more effective depending on how ingredients are combined, or it can be tailor-made to suit the needs of that specific patient. The marijuana pharmacies all over California are doing just that for patients who used to be regarded as criminals.

Differing individuals require a differing dose of cannabis, depending on how their illness manifests and what their degree of pain may be. One who suffers an occasional back strain will not need as much as his or her counterpart who requires treatment for something as serious as cerebral palsy. Doctors can feel confident with this prescription because there are no serious side effects.

With the issues of jurisdiction between the state of California and the Feds, we now know the Feds do not respect the rights of individual states. They do not support the decriminalization of cannabis, or any other substance that carries such a classification. They are more than happy to violate our Fourth Amendment which protects us from the dangers inherent in an unlawful search and seizure.

These doctors have consistently gone to court over this issue, and stood in accusation of government agencies who have to qualms about busting down their door and entering a premises by force. These doctors are professionals and they feel they are working in accordance with local laws and customs, and that their work is a benefit to humanity. Should the government continue to show apathy toward these people, another civil war could erupt.

American history and its Civil War shows us just how far the government will go to violate the rights of states wishing to act in accordance with the wishes of their citizens. The enforcement of drug laws is felt more strongly in California due to this issue. It is regarded as an example of government running amok on the liberties of the people, and it is there that the world is most likely to see another American Civil War erupt.

The Federal government has also attempted to pass laws requiring vaccination. This is merely another means of subjugating the people, and another excuse for officers to step inside of a dwelling. Be warned, if your husband and/or wife do not have an officer they report to, the police department will try with all their might to make sure you get one.

California has always been the head of the spear on the issue of liberty for the American people, but now they have states like Colorado and South Carolina climbing on board to help. There is a movement to get every doctor who is currently sitting in prison released in the near future. Once things are squared away with the Feds, the medical community can get on with the business of figuring out how to make this treatment work best so that we can all put this petty argument to rest.

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