Important Things You Would Want To Know When Applying A Sunless Tanning Lotion

By Haywood Hunter

As many people discover the uses of self tanner products, they need to understand the best ways to use these products. The introduction of self tanners has saved many people from the damaging effects of burning their bodies under sunlight. By using a sunless tanning lotion, you are able to get a tint of skin that resembles a sunbath. The difference is that you do not have to expose the sensitive skin to these dangerous sunrays.

Since people have different types of skin, some products may be sensitive to specific skin properties. A spot testing can help in determining the effects you will get from a tan. A patch test is essential because it allows you establish if the tanner will work pretty well on your skin. Also, make sure you choose a lotion, which gives a tint for extended period.

Some products can last for up to a week or so and will not fade easily. Tanner lotions are made using a compound known as dihydroxyacetone which gives a fake tan on skin. The compound reacts with amino acids in skin to give it the glowing look. Basking in sunlight exposes the skin to serious conditions like cancer.

If you expose skin to those sunlight radiations for such a long duration, you will be damaging the dermis. However, with self tanner lotions, they are much safer and can give good results. They offer a fake tan that is not permanent. The ingredients include dihydroxyacetone that penetrate skin and react with amino acids to give the shade that you desire.

As the skin cells age, they are deposited on surface of dermis. They can accumulate on surface and form dry patches. If they are not cleaned and removed, they will prevent the infiltration of tan into skin. Moreover, you also need to exfoliate skin using non-oil based exfoliators. After you have taken a shower, allow the body to dry before you put a tan.

For a lasting effect, ensure you choose the right tanner. Besides, since some ingredients could adversely react with dermis, there is needed to do some spot testing. A patch test helps you examine the suitability of a tan you are intending to use. You should not blindly apply your tan without testing it. You may not know the outcomes.

Just because your friend is using a specific tan product does not mean that it is good for you. People have different types of skin and the formulations of these products work differently. In addition, there are different shades you can get from specific lotions. Depending on your skin types and the kind of color you want to obtain, you can choose the right products.

You do not want to use a product that looks impressive when you apply but the next morning, it has faded out. Depending on your skin type, consider testing the lotion before applying it. A spot test is recommended because it gives you an opportunity to determine if that tan will work on your skin. Different tanner products are made using different formulations some of which may not perform well on sensitive skin.

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