Important Facts Relating To Tummy Tuck Northwest Indiana Residents Should Know

By Daphne Bowen

Statistics show that there has been an exponential increase in the number of cosmetic procedures performed all over the world. This is thought to be related to the huge media influence. Today, many people strive to take on certain body shapes. For this to happen, they may need to undergo one or several surgical operations. Tummy tuck is among the procedures commonly performed in Merrillville. If panning to have tummy tuck northwest Indiana need to understand a few basics.

The main objective of performing an abdominoplasty is to achieve better firmness in the lower and anterior abdomen. This is done by removing most of the fat in this region to leave muscle and fascia. This kind of transformation is much desired in persons that have lost significant amounts of weight in a short span of time leaving lots of loose skin. It is also helpful for women that have just completed a pregnancy period.

There are several types of techniques that may be employed while performing this operation. The amount of fat removed depends on the type of technique that will be employed. One of the types that exist is known as complete abdominoplasty. Here two incisions are made. One runs from the pubic region to the thigh while the other is made around the navel. Loose skin is freed and fat removed through the process of liposuction. Redundant skin is then cut off and stitching done.

The other commonly performed technique is known as partial abdominoplasty. In this type, less fat is removed. Smaller incisions are required for the entire procedure. Fat removal is on a smaller scale and is limited to the lower abdomen. Once the fat has been removed, liposuction is employed to smoothen the transition zones. Several other types of surgeries exist including high lateral tension abdominoplasty, circumferential abdominoplasty and extended abdominoplasty.

Results will vary from one patient to another. The success rates are determined by factors such as technique used, type of problem and surgical skill of attending surgeons. There is a need to institute a lifestyle change for the change to be maintained. A significant number of people regain the initial weight within a few weeks of undergoing the surgery.

It is generally believed that this operation is safe. There are a few complications that may set in and one needs to discuss them with their surgeon before undergoing the operation. The common complications include excessive bleeding, blood clot formation, embolism and infections. Doctors will typically prescribe some medications for the infections. Embolism of the clots may be life threatening if they end up in vital organs such as the heart, the lungs and the brain.

Recovery takes a week to one month depending on the extent of surgery. It is important that one avoids taking part in strenuous physical activities until healing has taken place. There may be some pain and discomfort initially but these tend to wear off gradually with time. Smokers should stay off nicotine products prior to and after the surgery so as to increase the chances of early wound healing.

Tummy tuck is a form of cosmetic procedure that is used in losing fat deposited on the abdominal wall. There are a number of different techniques that are employed in the surgery as determined by the nature of the problem. You need to carefully consider the risks and the benefits before undergoing the surgery.

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