How To Stock Sunless Tanning Lotion

By Haywood Hunter

There are several products on the market that give very elegant tanning effects when used correctly. It should however be known that it takes some great deal of knowledge to choose the right product. The right information about skin type, application procedures and content of the product is important when in need of a good choice. This article has good information on how to choose a good sunless tanning lotion for any skin type.

The first thing to know is skin type. There are three major types of skin types and each may have several sub-types. The types are fair, medium or olive, and dark skin. Fair skin burns easily and should not be exposed to sunshine or tanning beds. Medium skin experiences a good tan when exposed to the sun and does not suffer burning while dark skin does not burn. Dark skin however does not tan when exposed to the sun either.

Tanning products fall under five main groups, that is, tingle, bronzers, moisturizers, facial tanners, and accelerators. Each group of products needs varied time frames to give different results. Although they may all attain similar outcomes, the working varies may vary a lot. Skin type should be the consideration when choosing a product because ingredients and their level of concentration differs in various products.

The level of concentration of lotions is measured in terms of the quantity of DHA and erythulose it has. DHA and erythulose sugars are the substances that cause tanning in skin and most tanning lotion incorporate them in their formulas. These sugars tan skin by undergoing a reaction with amino acid contained in dead epidermal cells. If one has fair skin, it would be better to use low DHA and erythulose content products to avoid burning.

Moisturizers in a lotion help to keep the skin moist and soft. Moist skin tans faster compared to dry skin hence one should consider moisturizers. Bronzers come in two forms and are also very important additives. The two categories of bronzers are immediate and gradual. The immediate bronzers darken the skin immediately after they are applied while gradual bronzers take some time for the tan to build up. The choice should depend on how fast the tan is needed.

Many individuals fear tingle, although it is able to give elegant results when applied in the right way. First, it causes reddening and a great feeling of irritation on the skin. It causes the skin to look horrible while the irritation is very uncomfortable, but when it stops, it leaves behind a beautiful tan. First timers are advised to apply tingle on their first application. Tingle builds the initial tan which can then be sustained through frequent application of other products.

Beginners should also consider accelerators. Maximizers and accelerators that are made from aloe formulas help in improving ability of skin to heal and also decrease the rate of aging in skin. Tan formation is also boosted. All products have the ingredients they are made of written on the container.

The effect caused by tanners fades away with time because dead epidermal cells slough off daily. The effect of tans only happens in the outermost skin layer and is lost when cells that form the layer slough off. To keep the tan fresh, one has to reapply the lotion frequently.

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