How To Spread A Sun Laboratories Dark Sunsation Self Tanning Lotion

By Haywood Hunter

Everyone knows that the sun causes bad effects on skin especially with long exposure. In the past, people have been using the sunrays to bath and turn their skin to tinted glow. However, the health effects have not been impressive and it is something that has left scars in hearts of many people. Using a Sun Laboratories Dark Sunsation Self Tanning Lotion offers a safer option and protects you from the adverse skin effects caused by UV light from the sunrays or the tan beds.

Learning the details about application of self tanner can save your money and the agony of having streaks and blotches. Considering that you are applying a product with activate ingredients like fragrances and additives, they can make you uncomfortable or even cause irritation. The best thing to do is shave some days or a day before you apply your tan product.

It will give enough time for the sensitive skin to heal and return to its normal sensitivity when you shave a day prior. The patch test is done on face because this is one of the most sensitive parts of skin. If you do not get reaction on face, most probably other parts of skin will not react too.

It is one way in which you can learn about the pros and cons of using that product. The dihydroxyacetone sugar contained in tanners is safe and within the acceptable levels for the skin. It interacts with the proteins within the epidermis or the outermost layer of your skin in order to produce that tinting glow you see.

A dark glowing look will give you confidence, and raise your self-esteem while also giving you that attractive beauty you need. It is no wonder many people are now using these products. Initially, people used to use the tan beds and sunbaths but these are not safe to the skin. They can cause damages and skin cancer.

Do not rush to put that substance on your skin if you have not done some preparations. You may consider exfoliating a day before or some hours before you spread a tanner. Exfoliation entails removing the oils, salts, dead skin, dirt, and other substances on skin, which might affect the penetration of a tan.

One important factor is to ensure you apply your lotions properly. Once you have identified the right product to use, then you need to start preparing your skin before the day of application. There are a number of processes you have to go through. One is shaving the hairs and waxing your skin.

When exfoliating, ensure you take more time on those areas, which tend to be scaly and dry such as elbows and knees. These are the areas where you will find a layer of dead cells and oils that have accumulated there for some time. Exfoliation is the only technique, which can assure you of a baby soft skin that is idea for applying tanner lotions. It will allow the lotion to penetrate easily on skin thus achieving the ultra dark glow you want easily.

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