Guidelines To Follow When Applying The Best Self Tanning Lotion Products

By Haywood Hunter

One way to have that bronze glow on your skin is by using self home tanning products. With the best self tanning lotion products, they are safe once you follow the procedures given by the manufacturers. Using the right procedures, will help you achieve the beautiful glow that you want. You should make sure that the substances used in formulating a tan do not have an effect to your skin.

The fake tan lotions only produce a tan effect but do not change skin color. Not all self tanner products can be termed as safe. A safe tanner is that which does not contain harmful ingredients. After purchasing the tanning product of your choice, make sure that you prepare the skin appropriately for application.

The first step is to shave all the hair from skin at least a day before the application of the tan product. This is advised so as to apply the product when skin is less sensitive. Immediately after shaving the skin is usually more sensitive than usual, and if you apply the tan product then it might lead to irritation. The next step is to take a shower and remove all the dead skin and debris. This allows the tan to spread evenly on your skin.

When very dry parts are not moisturized, the tanning lotion tends to build some form of patches because it soaks too much. Moisturize your face hairline and leave it for a while to allow the moisturizer to stick to your skin. For the areas of your body covered with hair, you should make sure that you shave a day earlier before application of the tanning product.

Some people have skin that may be allergic to DHA, which can be found in most tang sprays and creams. Others may not have any problems with the substance. Apart from that, there are some preservatives and fragrances that might be used in the manufacturing of the products. These substances could cause some form of skin irritation to some people.

Always use moisturizers that you are sure they do not affect the ability of the skin to absorb substances. Apply small amounts lotions or light moisturizers on dry areas like hands and feet. This makes the skin absorb substances. The skin is usually able to absorb substances when it is moist than when it is dry.

Facial skin usually absorbs the tan much faster and easily since, it is more sensitive. The best method to use so as to ensure your face does not turn too dark is by applying one facial coat for every two coats done on the body. You should always be keen when applying tan on areas of your body that have folded skin.

This test will be able to show you exactly what you expect from the product and the level of tan that you will get. Make sure that you do a facial test since it is the most sensitive part of the body. If it has a negative effect on your face, do not use the product. Also, try it on different parts of your body to be sure of the tan level.

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