Getting A Flawless Glow On Skin With Use Of The Best Self Tanner

By Haywood Hunter

In order to get the beautiful bronzed skin that will make you look gorgeous, you should opt for skin sunless tanning. Beauty gives a person more courage as well as self confident. It also helps raise self esteem. There are various ways of skin tanning but not all are safe. The most advisable and preferred mode of tanning is the use of the best self tanner products. Body tanning through basking under the sun has been known to cause some skin problems.

Previously, people have been basking under the sun as one way of achieving a bronze skin look. Tan beds have also been used to help glow the body skin. However, since it was discovered that sun rays and tan beds cause some serious skin conditions like cancer, people are now opting for the safer self tanner lotions, gels, mousses, and sprays.

There are some simple steps you can follow to have a faultless glow on skin. One common aspect is users should clean their body. It is important to have a clean skin before applying tan products. Prior to application of any tanning lotion, always make sure that your body is clean and free from all sorts of debris and dead skin.

Apart from that, the process of application is also important. To be able to achieve a perfect look, it is essential that you follow a certain procedure or steps. The makers of tan products should be able to guide you on the process of application, but there are some basic steps you should be able to follow in order to achieve a perfect tan.

If you have some forms of body hair, shave at least a day before application. This will save you the time that you would have taken to trim out the hair just before applying your lotion. Apart from that, shaving enables the tan to spread evenly on your body. When you shave a day earlier, you allow the skin to heal and become less sensitive. Shaving hair makes the skin to be sensitive to substances or even touch.

The best way to avoid white and black spots after applying the tanning product is by using a moisturizer. Black spots are mainly caused by the collection of a lot of the tan on one area. The moisturizer makes it much easier for the tanning lotion to spread evenly across your skin. This is especially so with the rough and hard skin surfaces like the ankles, knees, hands, feet, and elbows.

Oil based scrubs have oils that tend to block the pores thus causing the tan not to soak in skin. Make sure that you clean the folded and hard areas of your body. These parts include the knees, elbows, and hands. Such areas have a tendency of harboring dead skin, oils, and debris. Failure to do this may cause the tanner to leave black or white spots on your skin.

Using your bare hands could expose the palms to staining. Remember to always moisturize the rough and hard parts of skin before you actually apply the tan. Doing this gives an even distribution of the tanning product. Other parts of skin may not need to be moisturized.

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