Get To Know The Latent Gears And Clothing Used By College Equestrian Teams

By Nancy Gardner

When we were small kids, we like to watch movies of Apache Indians riding horses and saving their villages from villains. We want to be like the main character in Geronimo, who helped save his fellow Indians. However, owning a colt is not easy and it involves a lot of money. If ever you can afford to buy one, then you have a better chance of becoming a professional equestrian.

Any activities which are related to horse riding is called equestrian. But before you decide that you want to be an equestrian, you need various trainings to learn the craft. It is never easy to ride on stag. It is vital to know how to balance and to be in control. Otherwise, you will have higher chances of falling and get stumped by the animal who weighs at least a few hundreds of pounds. Professional jockeys, such as the college equestrian teams, have been trained to properly ride the animal and be in control. When a jockey rides the colt, you will notice how their movements become one with the animal. If ever you want to undergo a training, you have to have the basic equestrian gears and clothing.

Saddle fitting. Unfortunately, a saddle is not a gear that fits all sizes. If ever who bought a saddle that is too loose for your horse, a saddle fitting is needed to allow the animal to move easily. If you force a loose saddle, just imagine wearing a shoe that it too loose on your feet. Saddle fitting also prevents the colt from getting cuts, so always put a saddle fitting on the horse.

Helmet. It does not mean that only beginners are required to wear a helmet. Every jockey should wear a helmet when riding a horse. Accidents can happen any time, even to a seasoned jockey. Wearing a helmet can protect your head from injuries during accidents.

Chaps. A must have gear in horseback riding because it increases leg grip. It also benefits the rider from getting his legs wet due to horse sweat. It is important to buy a chap that will perfectly fit you. Chaps that do not fit you well can cause uncomfortability while riding it.

Breeches. Wearing breeches let you sit the saddle effortlessly. Breeches usually run down below the knees to avoid your legs from rubbing the body of the horse. Riders wearing chaps can do more motions.

Gloves. A glove for horse riding should be thick to protect your fingers and provide better grip on the rein. They are usually worn to keep the hands warm. There are a wide variety of styles you can choose from. The prices also depend on how stylish the glove is

Boots. This pair of footwear protects your feet from sliding through the stirrup. You should be wise in buying boots. Boots need to be durable and impermeable from water from entering in. Boots with 1 inch heels are best for horse riding, while thicker heel boots are not disapproved.

Equestrian trainings require all these items. Surely, most colleges are in need of people who can ride the colt well to join their team. Horses play an important role in college and even in seeking a career. For more information, choose to talk to people who can offer you with more details on the subject.

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