Get The Most Excellent Effects With Quality Spray Tan

By Haywood Hunter

At some point in ones lives we have all wanted that healthy, radiant and bronzed look for our bodies. Making everyone we know think that we have just come back from an island holiday. Having a spray tan done is the closest thing to that holiday.

Many collages and/or universities now offer courses that introduce you to this new system. It is a very good way for you to get to know all the ins and outs if you are thinking of opening your own spa or just want to get into the industry. In the end you will be well trained and have a certificate stating your achievement. Many even offer this form of education on-site as well as on-line; decide which would suit you better.

For those with a fair skin the best solution for you would be the 9% one. It will give you a light tan without overdoing it. It will increase the color slowly and the more times you apply it the darker it will become. For the medium color skin tone, it is advisable to use the 11% coverage and for the darker skin the 13% solution will work best.

This course will give a detailed description on sunless tanning and will give you tips that you could implement in your own business. They will focus on your technique as well as the clients experience and at the same time boost your confidence. This will be prefect if you are interested in changing occupations and want to work in a hair salon or makeup studios.

Next shave or wax and it would be a good idea to do this the day before if you have a very sensitive skin type. Always dry the area very well and if the bathroom is humid wait until it has cleared out. Another idea would be to proceed with the application in the bedroom. If it is applied while humid it could leave sweat marks all over your legs.

The modern tanning beds have evolved over the years but the low pressure one has still not evolved. The ballast, which is a device that limits the current in the electric circuit, is still in use but there are now other choices which include electronic and high frequency. Fluorescent lamps that create a spectrum of the UVA rays have had good results over the years to make them appear more sun-like.

Use this product before your appointment. It can be applied after your shower or just moisten the skin with water. Apply in a circular motion all over the body and rinse thoroughly. It will remove any impurities and oils the skin produces for a fresh and clean finish.

The safest and healthiest choice of today is to get a spraying done. It is quick and can be done in the privacy of your own home. Just about every spa has the means to apply this for you and all personnel are trained to apply it.

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