Finding The Best UV Free Tanning Lotion To Apply

By Haywood Hunter

It's for certain that you are not going to have trouble getting a bottle of a UV-free tanner as there are so many of them around these days. The only challenge is deciding which tanning lotion brand or shade you should choose. Continue reading to learn a few simple tips on searching for that perfect product so you may enjoy a fake suntan that looks so realistic.

Before you begin the search for the perfect tanner, it's a good idea to learn how this kind of product is able to give you that sun-kissed glow even without exposing the skin to UV light. There are different lotions out there and each one of them relies on their own ingredients. Opting for a formulation suited for your needs is the key to a delightful indoor tanning life.

Some tanners these days produce temporary skin darkening only. The color they create that is highly similar to an actual suntan can be washed off easily with water. When you perspire heavily or hit the shower, you can expect the golden-brown hue to disappear. These products rely on bronzing ingredients that leave the skin with a stain as soon as they are applied.

Opting for one of these lotions is recommendable if you want to be spotted with a bronze complexion during an important occasion such as a wedding or a romantic date. It's also commonly applied on certain areas of the body only, particularly those that are not covered by your clothing. The moment that you shower, your skin is back to its natural color.

If what you want to have is a fake tan that lasts for up to about a week, the sunless tanner you are looking for is something that contains dihydroxyacetone or DHA. This sugar-based chemical is capable of browning the skin's topmost layer which is made up of dead cells. Even when you perspire a lot or take a shower, the color DHA has created won't fade or disappear.

The golden-brown color produced vanishes gradually because the skin's uppermost part is exfoliated by your body on a regular basis. That is the only layer that DHA can darken as it cannot be absorbed any deeper than the coat of dead cells. Manufacturers of tanners containing DHA recommend the regular application of a moisturizer to extend the tan's lifespan.

Majority of the tanners you can find on today's market rely on bronzing ingredients as well as DHA. While the bronzers stain the skin right away, DHA creates a fake suntan that lasts for several days. This chemical takes at least 3 hours to generate the initial skin tone change. You can expect the color to deepen further during the next 24-hour period.

Certainly, not all sunless tanners out there are the same even though many of them rely on the same ingredients. It's a good idea for you to purchase and apply something that has impressed so many fake suntan fanatics. Also, you should opt for a tan shade that is not that too far away from your actual skin tone to end up with a realistic and flattering result.

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