Facts On Liposuction Dayton Oh Clients Need To Know

By Daphne Bowen

Weight loss is regarded as a means of achieving optimal health as well as enhancing beauty. While the use of diet and engaging in physical exercises have long been considered the main modalities of weight loss, their benefits in the cosmetic industry are limited to some extent. More radical procedures are now used widely for persons that wish to lose weight with the aim of achieving a certain body shape. There are a number of facts on liposuction Dayton oh residents should know.

Liposuction (also known as liposculpture) is a cosmetic procedure that involves the removal of body fat from specific areas where their presence is undesired to other areas where deposition is desirable. Areas from which fat is commonly removed include hips, thighs, buttocks and the anterior abdominal wall. In general this procedure is performed to enhance beauty rather than for health reasons which means that it is not useful for conditions such as obesity and cellulite.

Liposuction is reserved for patients in whom conservative methods of weight loss have been ineffective. It is important that one discusses the details of the surgery with their surgeon. During this session, ensure that you seek clarification regarding the exact procedure to be undertaken as well as any risks that are anticipated. One way of getting a good surgeon is by reading testimonials of previous clients.

After making the decision to have the surgery, you have to give a written consent. There may be a need to perform some tests so as to find out whether or not one is fit enough to undergo the operation. Anesthesia is used for the procedure just as happens with other types of surgery. General, local and regional anesthesia may all be used depending on the site that is involved.

Fat tissues are broken down using high frequency vibrations. This process is termed lipolysis. The fat is suctioned from the site using a cannula connected to a suction machine. One of the methods used for the process is what is referred to as the tumescent technique. In this method a large amount of diluted anesthetic is injected in the area to help with numbing the area as well as breaking down the fat.

The surgical incision is stitched back after the surgery and dressed. To minimize swelling, an elastic compression cloth may be used. When local anesthesia is used, patients are typically discharged from hospital on the same day. An overnight stay in hospital is required when general anesthesia is used.

There are a number of risks associated with the surgery. The risk of complications is higher when large amounts of fat are removed at a go. Those that are commonly encountered include infections, bruising, bleeding and scarring. You will be given some antibiotics and painkillers as you leave the facility to prevent the infections and to take care of pain at the surgical site.

For this procedure to yield sustainable results, it must be accompanied by a change in lifestyle. The undesirable fat will recur in a matter of weeks if one does not take a proper diet. Regular physical exercise helps burn any deposits that may be building up. Ensure that you have a dietician and fitness coach to consult on the best strategies to be employed in your case.

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