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By Haywood Hunter

A natural tan by basking in the sun is dangerous and unreliable. It takes a long time and does not guarantee specific results. Sun Laboratories has developed an incredible range of products to help anyone to achieve the desired tan overnight. They are specific for different skins ranging from normal to dry, sensitive and oily. They are developed after extensive research and testing in order to capture the beneficial essence of nature.

The sunless tanning products give your skin a particular tone without having to bask in the sun. This offers convenience since a person can achieve the tone in any climatic condition or during the night. It saves you the search for direct sun and the skin damage that is associated with such exposure.

The effect upon application depends on the kind of product used. Light skin can be transformed into medium, dark and very dark overnight. There are specialized creams for preparing the skin before application. They make it easier to achieve desired tan. The lotions dry instantly or within a short time depending on the nature and intentions of the product.

The packaging is easy and convenient including a pump lid for easy application. It ensures that the entire lotion is drained from the bottle in small portions as required during application. The bottles come in different sizes to fit the budget and desires of different clients.

Tanning products are available in varieties of cream, spray and lotions. This makes it easy and convenient to spread on the skin. You are not exposed to the danger of an uneven skin or damage on the sensitive areas. The spray makes it easy to reach concealed and folded areas with precision.

A durable tan reduces the frequency of application. It stays even and rich for several days. Tan maintainers are available to keep the tone rich. The image remains over the duration of a conference, tour or vacation. Tanners and maintainers do not require expert assistance to apply.

The desired tone dictates the products to be used. There are options for fair to medium skin tone while others achieve a very dark tone from a fairly dark one. A user with a dark skin is able to make it even, shinny and bold. The face has its own range of products because of its sensitive nature.

Extensive research, testing and approval ensure that these products do not damage the skin. There is no permanent effect on the skin. This means that a user can discontinue application at will. There are no side effects or foul smell as a result of application. The tan does not come off to stain cloths.

A user enjoys a normal life upon tanning. One can swim and shower without loosing the tan. Other outdoor activities like play or hiking which results in sweating are not affected either. The tone of the skin acquired appears natural and bold.

The prices for Sun Lab products are reasonable and guarantee excellent value for money. They come with user instructions which make it easy to apply on your own. They are conveniently available online and in neighborhood beauty stores. They do not require special preparation before application. There are products for all types of skins.

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