Excellent Products From Sun Laboratories For Overnight Tanning

By Haywood Hunter

Getting the perfect tan has never been easier. Many people are now saving time and money by using the range of outstanding products that can simply be applied to clean skin and will result in a fast, even tan. Products are also available with a built in bronzer that will create a true back from the beach look to impress friends and make any woman feel great.

The early sunless tanning products often left users with an orange tinge to their skin. This was because they did not react properly with the upper layer of skin cells. In addition it was sometimes difficult to apply an even coating. Fortunately those early problems are now behind us thanks to the efforts of Sun Laboratories and their outstanding range of tanning products.

Research has found that a simple enzyme reacts with the outer layers of human skin and causes it to darken. This process is not only quick, but very safe and inexpensive. Within seven to ten days the outer cells naturally die off and are replaced by new cells. The tan will fade and need to be replaced. However, by using a simple cream or lotion treatment every woman can have the perfect tan whenever she needs it.

Some of the best sellers are the sunless overnight tanning lotions. These are carefully formulated to create a wonderfully natural tan without any of the risks of spending hours in the sun. They are also very fast to apply and the non greasy formulas do not present any messy clean up or difficulty to apply. In fact, they are perfect for both professional and home use.

The products work by utilizing a simple enzyme that reacts with chemicals in the skin. The effect is only on the outer layers of skin cells and will fade naturally as those cells are replaced. The solution can be applied as a lotion or with an air brush. Airbrushing is one of the most popular techniques as it creates a very nice even layer and a full body application only takes about fifteen minuets.

The companies facial tanning products are also very popular. The overnight application is perfect as it simply requires a thin application just before bed and the user will wake up with a wonderful glowing tan. Again, it is important to wash thoroughly first and not apply any make up or moisturizer.

Another very popular products from the Sun Labs line is the teeth whitening kits. These professional quality whiteners are very easy to use and provide excellent results. There is no damage to the enamel and the mouth trays are pre filled to make a treatment quick and simple.

The products cannot adhere to dead or dry skin cells and this can result in a patchy finish. Taking the time to slough off any dry skin patches is well worth the effort. No moisturizers or make up should be applied as this too will interfere with the absorption of the tanning solution.

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