Choosing The Best Self Tanner For Each Skin Type

By Haywood Hunter

Skin tanners come in different varieties which might be confusing to first time buyers. The choice of the best self tanner depends on your expectations from the process and your type of skin. Knowledge of skin type is important since different persons react in unique ways. Manufacturers give clear instructions on how to use particular products. The instructions should be followed at all times.

Each skin type has a unique product. It means that there are tanners for oily, dry, normal and sensitive skins. Any consumer intending to tan her skin should understand it first in order to get the best results. This knowledge informs you about what will work for you and what does not. You are likely to experience irritation or allergic reactions if you make the wrong choice. The skin may be permanently damaged.

Manufacturers provide tanners that guarantee particular results. There resulting tone after application may be dark, medium or very dark. Your expectations should be clear so that you select the best product for you.

Tanners are available in such forms as lotions, creams, wipes and sprays. The choice of any one among these forms is guided by the advantages it presents. Sprays give instant results but lotions are enriched to offer conditioning and such other aspects as sunscreen Wipes are used to offer a temporary tan.

Information on the best tanners is available from experts in the industry. They give a professional review after testing and evaluating the effect on different skins. Their reviews are genuine and independent because they have no commercial interest in any product. These reviews are not influenced by manufacturers or suppliers. It makes them reliable for use in decision making.

First hand experiences by customers are available from reviews left behind after using a product. These reviews are objective and talk about certain aspects of the product. These aspects include odor, quality of tan, how it spreads and time taken to dry.

The skin around the face is delicate and requires special attention. There are specific products for tanning the face. They come with clearly indicated labels. Special attention on this area is important because it determines overall appearance.

A single application works for some products while several layers are required in other instances. Manufacturers clearly indicate the layers needed to achieve good results. Others take the entire night to tan while others are instant. The advantages vary from on product to the other.

Factors such as smell and duration of tanning determine customer preference. Blending with common flavors like mint, vanilla, citrus and strawberry helps to alter the odor. The tanner should not leave stains on clothes or bed sheets upon application. It should fade off evenly to avoid patches all over the body.

Packaging offers convenience with different sizes and shapes for containers. Lotion bottles come with pumps to allow you draw up to the last drop while tubes are easy to squeeze. The sprays offer a consistent tan without irritating the skin. Value for money is guaranteed through a combination of properties.

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