Aspects To Check In The Best Self Tanning Lotion Brands

By Haywood Hunter

Sunless tanning proves to be a safe alternative to the tan beds and sun tanning techniques, which expose the users to UV light. These lotions are designed with formulations that allow the skin to tan while not causing harmful effects. Whereas there are many sunless products in the market, users need to ensure they seek the best self tanning lotion brands, which can give them the bronzing look they need.

In applying your tan to the hands, you put it on the backs of hands and then rub them together ensuring that you do not put any tan product on palms. At times, you may apply your tanner only to realize that some areas have turned too orangey or dark such as the wrists, hands, and ankle. You can remove the excess tan and lighten the area by applying substances such as whitening toothpaste, baking soda, alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide.

Patch testing allows you to know how it will perform on skin. You can test it on facial skin, which is more sensitive than other body skin parts. In addition, during the actual application, you have to prepare your body. Shaving and application of wax is done a day prior to applying a tan product. This allows the sensitive skin to heal and not react with a tanner.

When examining the smell of a tanner, you should check how it smells before application and after application. You may be surprised that a product that has impressive fresh smell before applying on body skin, next morning it smells horribly. These are products you have to avoid so that you prevent the agony of having to remove your tint soon.

Moreover, there are other aspects such as application of deodorant, moisturizers, and other types of lotions. It is not advisable to apply these products after you have showered and exfoliated the skin. These products could interfere with the absorption of tanner. You may want to skip these products in order to ensure that you do not create problems with the tan application.

It also opens up the pores to allow for easy penetration of tan. If you want to shave or wax, it is good, you do that probably a day before the actual tanning. This is because when you shave, the skin is sensitive and you do not want to feel uncomfortable when exfoliating and apply your tan product. Shaving helps clean the hair that could prevent smooth application of tan.

There are areas with creases such as ankles, knees, hands, elbow, and feet. These parts of body can be a dead giveaway during the time of applying a tan. This is why you have to give special attention to these parts. First, they need to be cleaned properly because this is where dirt, oils, and dead skin cells are trapped.

Because the face absorbs substances faster than other skin parts, you may consider using a separate tan for the face and another for the body. Alternatively, you may want to use different coat layers, for example, the facial skin may have one coat while the body gets two. This ensures that you do not get a face that is too dark than other parts of body.

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