Applying Sun Laboratories Medium Dark For A Realistic Indoor Tan That Lasts For Days

By Haywood Hunter

A marvelous indoor tan that lasts for several days may be enjoyed provided that you apply the right UV-free tanner. Sun Laboratories medium dark lotion is sought after by so many fake tanning fanatics these days. It doesn't really come as a surprise because the product's formulation is capable of giving your skin a bronzed appearance for about an entire week.

This UV-free tanning solution generates a color that is not too light or excessively deep. It creates a shade that goes very well with most skin tones, enabling the consumers to sport a realistic artificial tan. The secret why this tanner is capable of impressing is in the amount of DHA present in its formulation. Anyone can end up looking like they just bathed in the sun.

DHA is an all-natural chemical extracted from plant sources. It is basically a kind of sugar compound that can cause skin darkening. When it comes into contact with the layer of dead cells resting on your skin, a chemical reaction happens. The said ingredient creates a golden-brown hue that is highly similar to an actual suntan 3 hours after the initial application.

The color produced by DHA darkens furthermore after 24 to 72 hours. Once you are done with the tanner's application, refrain from showering in the next 6 to 8 hours to give the ingredient enough time to carry out its role. It is also important for you to avoid engaging in intense physical activities because sweating can wash off DHA before it completes its job.

What's so nice about opting for this product is you can achieve a bronzed complexion that looks unbelievably real. Because the color is just perfect for your skin tone, no one will suspect that the sun-kissed glow you have was obtained indoors. Baking under the sun for several minutes is a terrible idea as it can increase your odds of ending up with deadly skin cancer.

Simply by applying this product from Sun Laboratories carefully all over your body, you can look tanned without risking your health. The color you can get from this UV-free tanner usually stays around for about a week. The gradual fading of the color is not actually the fault of DHA. Rather, it is brought about by the natural exfoliation your skin undergoes regularly.

You can make the eye-catching glow stay around longer than usual simply by applying your favorite hand and body lotion on a regular basis. Doing this helps delay the natural process of exfoliation, letting you look fantastic longer. It's also possible for you to order a bottle of the tan extender coming from Sun Laboratories to enjoy the artificial tan for many days.

Prior to applying the sunless tanner, it's a good idea to have the skin prepared so that you may end up with nothing but the most impressive fake tan there is. Hit the shower and exfoliate to remove too much dead skin cells so that a patchy outcome may be avoided. Shaving the skin is also important to ensure that nothing can keep DHA from doing its job.

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