Achieve The Most Excellent Results With Good Tanning Lotions

By Haywood Hunter

This article shall deal with most of the details of obtaining a nice tan. Laying in the sun, sprays, lotions, anything of this matter can be considered as part of the tanning subject, as this has something to do with the change of the color of the skin. More details on exactly what happens to the skin when it is exposed to the sun and how it changes from a fair color to a golden brown color or in the unfortunate case red sun burnt color.

What is this sun bathing everyone talk about? This is if a person decides to spend some time around in the sun in order to achieve a nice golden brown color of the skin. As mentioned before there are unfortunate cases where this goal is not always achieved and the person gets sun burnt.

When you do get sunburned a little bit you should keep the skin moisturized with lotion to prevent pealing of the skin. This will also ensure that there is a biggest chance of getting the desire color the person intended when he or she went to lay is the sun. Being this color can have a lot of advantages.

If you do get a little bit of sun burn all you need to do is to keep the skin moisturized. Putting on some lotion on a regular bases will keep the skin hydrated and will prevent the skin from peeling. Also doing this on a regular bases will ensure that the chance of the redness going away and the skin being the desired golden brown color is much better. This would have been the optimum goal for the person spending time in the sun. There are many advantages to have this color skin.

One of the biggest advantages of having a darker skin is that you will not get sun burnt as easy as a fair skinned person. The skin usually looks healthier as well. The golden brown skin also having a glowing effect which makes the person looks healthy in general.

It is clear that there can be radical changes in the color of your skin when you person sunbathe. How does this radical change happen? There are layers in the skin and in one of the layers, there are some cells, known as melanocytes. Melanin is produced by these melanocytes.

The first type of melanin you get is called Pheomelanin. It is the reason why the person's skin can go red at times. The other melanin you get is called eumelanin and this can make the skin turn the brown color.

It is recommended that you only spend short periods of time in the sun. Try not to stay in the sun until your skin is red as this could be very sore. To have the gradual brown color change you should only be doing this for about thirty minutes at a time.

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