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By Ruthie Livingston

For one to qualify to be a personal trainer, he or she needs to be very competent. The person needs to have undergone formal training concerning the same in order to have the necessary skill and knowledge. A higher degree is also needed to show that the trainer is serious with the work. This way, they will be able to apply research based findings in developing the training programs. A personal trainer in Marlborough MA cannot thus be just anyone.

People working in personal training sector should develop strong relations with medical practitioners in Marlborough, MA. There will be many cases of injuries in the process which require medical attention. If the trainer knows the physicians in this area, he or she will be able to make better referrals. Also advice on diet and supplement requires input from the doctors.

Evaluation is a very important aspect in training. The trainer should have the know-how on how to go about this. However, it just does not end there. Knowing what to evaluate is mandatory. The specs to be checked include the posture, body composition, aerobic capacity and blood pressure. The instructor should have the capability of evaluating for the symptoms, risk factors and signs which need medical care.

The trainer should avoid gimmicks while staying current. There are so many things which are been introduced in a market claiming to help in the training process. This can be techniques, nutritional supplements and products for staying fit. Use of such things without confirming their safety and the benefits they offer can have disastrous result. Injuries may result and even worse, serious medical conditions like heart attacks may come up.

Hearing the struggles of a person which have a happy ending can serve as a motivator. The instructor can use this but what he or she needs to understand is that what worked for him or her may not bring a change in client situation. Self-disclosure must be carried out cautiously. In the process, he should disclose both the good and the bad side of a product or technique.

Communication is the key to a successful training program. The trainers should be very good at listening. This way, he or she will be able to make better decisions in addressing your needs. Also, he will be able to instruct better. At no point should he or she punish you or make utterances to demean you.

Experience is what makes a trainer competent. It is true that working in the field for long equips one with knowledge and skills to maneuver through various situations and succeed. However, there are those who learn fast. They do not necessarily need to be working for extended periods for them to be referred to as competent

Programming factors are things the trainer should be having at his or her fingertips. They include cardiovascular endurance, strength training, flexibility, sports specificity and weight control. Skills acquisitions, speed and coordination are emphasized. The program been used to train the client should fit his or aspirations and needs and also consider what he or she does during the day in Marlborough, MA.

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