Tips On Improving Your Horse Riding Skills

By Nancy Gardner

For centuries humans have lived along side horses. They are used in farming, transportation, competition, and hunting. Show jumping and dressage events are also a popular recreational pastime.

There are many schools that you can sign up with for lessons. Qualified staff members will teach you the basics of horse riding Okotoks. It is not just a sport for the rich. Now average members can join in on this pastime.

The one thing all riders need to focus on is safety. This is especially important when you are just learning. Helmets should always be used. Boots and jeans should be worn. If boots are not available then rubber shoes can be used. No open toe foot wear is allowed. Shorts, skirts and the like should also be avoided. You can have friction burns from the constant rubbing against the saddle.

When you get on the horse, sit upright on the saddle. Try to stay within the middle. Sitting too forward or too backward can cause you to be thrown off when the animal lurches forward. Thats a large animal to fall from so you definitely dont want that to happen. Your posture should be upright but not too stiff.

Be relaxed. When a person is scared or tries something new, there is a tendency that they are anxious and unknowingly hold their breath and tense up. Do not convey your nervousness. They are intuitive animals and can sense your tension and emotions. Breathe evenly. Holding your breath can give you a back ache and muscle tension aches. Relax your legs also. Dont grip the horse too tightly because that will cause muscle aches at the end of your session and the horse may misinterpret that as a sign to keep moving or move faster.

Crucially, the meeting between you and the beast should be pleasant. Approach with a calm manner. Do not rush things. Let them get to know you. Gain the trust and then they will let you mount. Forming a bond will make a better relationship.

Learn the right tension to place on the reins. Too much will cause discomfort. Too little grip and you dont have control. It is hard to guide if you are not in control. Adjust your tension depending on the horses movements. You have to work together to have a smooth ride.

For your own safety, choose a school that can give you lessons. This reduces the risk when qualified teachers are on hand to guide you. Search your area for good schools and then go over to see the place for yourself. Check their facilities and get to know their staff. Check if they take good care of their horses. Since this can be an expensive hobby, invest in a reputable school that can give a high standard of lessons.

Start off slowly. You have to take it one step at a time and gain the confidence. Its dangerous to attempt jumping and galloping and other difficult skills when you are still new. Constant practice will make you progress faster. So just be diligent and listen to the professionals. You will soon be confident enough to move on to the next level and next set of skills.

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