Stuart Millheiser & Exercises For ALS Patients

By Jason McDonald

If you want to talk about the best activities for ALS patients to go about, exercise is a diverse topic of discussion. The likes of Stu Millheiser can say the same, especially when there are so many different forms of therapy that can be adopted. Considering how they can slow down muscular degeneration, they are worth taking up. Here are just a few of the ways in which these patients can help themselves, from a physical standpoint. Which of these will become the most beneficial to you?

One of the best exercises for ALS patients to adopt, according to Stuart Millheiser would have to be water therapy. Not only is it one of the best low-impact regimens out there, but it's easy enough on the joints as well. After all, water possesses a certain degree of levity that people do not have to put as much pressure on their limbs to get involved. When it comes to the most relaxing exercises, especially for those suffering from ALS, water therapy cannot be overlooked.

What about simple stretching, which is another form of exercise in its own right? Maybe you're the kind of person who has an office job, meaning that you're not able to work out as often as you'd like. Stretching is easily one of the best ways to stay active, especially when you think about how it can be done in virtually any environment that can be thought of. This is yet another option that ALS patients should think about implementing on a regular basis.

If you have the physical capacity to do so, you may want to get involved in strength training as well. Depending on the severity of ALS, for a particular patient, this may not be the most doable exercise. Nonetheless, it's worth considering when you think about how it can slow down the degradation of muscular strength. As the old adage goes, if you do not lose it, you may lose it; this can be applied to exercise as well. Strength training, according to Stuart Millheiser, has its own slew of benefits to consider.

Maybe these ideas have helped you better understand the ways in which ALS patients can exercise. To say that there are numerous ways to go about such an endeavor would be an understatement. However, you have to consider which of these will be the most beneficial. Will one particular exercise be more beneficial than another? Whatever the case may be, if you take it upon yourself to get active, you'll start to experience a greater quality of life.

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