Procedure On Laser Treatment For Skin Winder

By Nancy Gardner

The aging process can leave your skin wrinkled, scared or blotched. Laser treatments restore a healthy and younger look to the face. The treatment removes the layers with a lot of caution. The new cells that form as the healing process takes place are responsible for the younger and tighter look. Laser treatment for skin Winder can be performed alone or together with other aesthetic face surgeries.

For those wishing to undergo this process, consultation with a skin doctor is important to determine if you qualify. Some important symptoms which have to be reported include blisters on the mouth, fever and cold sores. The procedure can result in breakouts in at risk population. Medications like vitamin E, ibuprofen and aspirin are to be avoided the weeks before the surgery because they affect blood clotting.

Smoking should be stopped too about two weeks beforehand. It complicates the healing process. Antibiotics and antiviral medications may be prescribed before the procedure to prevent development of bacterial and viral infections after the treatment.

The treatment is a same day surgery meaning admission is not necessary. It is commonly facilitated by a plastic surgeon but even a dermatologist can do it. The treatment may just touch on the mouth, eyes and forehead or the entire face. For small regions, local anesthesia may be done or mild to moderate sedation. However, if the entire face is been dealt with, general anesthesia is necessary.

If only some parts are involved, then the procedures may last for up to forty five minutes. The entire face requires two hours. The areas are bandaged thereafter but have to be cleaned after twenty four hours. Cleaning should be done 5 times daily and an ointment applied so that scabs do not develop. Swelling of the face following the treatment is normal. Steroids may be taken to reduce the swelling and using an extra pillow when you go to sleep can offer some relieve too.

The commonly used lasers in city Winder GA are erbium and carbon dioxide. Each of them functions at vaporizing the damaged cells on the surface. The method of surfacing using carbon dioxide has been in place for many years. It has been treating issues of wrinkling, scars, enlarged oil glands on nose, warts among other conditions.

Currently, the laser type that involves the use of carbon dioxide is using short light pulses energy or light beams which are delivered continuously in a skimming pattern in removal of the thin skin layers. This ensures that possible damage caused by heat is minimized. The recovery process may take about two weeks.

The other type of laser is erbium. It is designed for removal of lines which are at the surface or just below the surface of the chest, neck and hands. It causes negligible surrounding tissue heat damage. The side effects associated with it are few. They include redness, bruising and swelling. Therefore the recovery time in this type of treatment is lesser than in the carbon dioxide type. It may be happen in a week time. For people with a dark skin, erbium produces a better outcome than carbon dioxide.

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