Information On Breast Augmentation Toronto Residents Should Know

By Shawn Hunter

The field of cosmetic surgery is one that continues to evolve by the day. Breast augmentation (also known as mammoplasty) is a form of cosmetic surgery which involves making adjustments to the size of mammary glands. This is achieved by inserting a synthetic material into the soft tissues of the organ. There are a number of important facts on breast augmentation Toronto residents need to know if they are planning to undergo the procedure.

There are a number of reasons for having the surgery. Commonly, women choose to have the procedure so as to achieve more fullness and better symmetry on both sides. Persons that have just been through pregnancy or those that have had excessive weight loss may notice some asymmetry in their breasts. Small adjustments may be done to restore normalcy. Girls with developmental anomalies and persons intending to undergo sex change have also been beneficiaries.

There are two main types of implants used in the procedure. In both types, there are an outer shell of silicon rubber. In the first type of implant, this shell is filled with elastic gel to give it a more natural consistency. Gel implants have the disadvantage of requiring the use of large incisions. The other type is the saline implant. This type is more malleable and allows for the use of smaller incisions.

This operation is conducted under general anaesthesia. The surgeon will typically make an incision just below the breast but in the area above the crease. Alternative techniques used include approaching through the lower areola area or through the armpit where the axillary extension is found. The incision helps the surgeon create a pocket or cavity into which the implant is to be fitted. Once the implant is placed in position the opening is stitched back.

Like any surgical procedure, some complications may be encountered. Bleeding and infections are the commonest but their general incidence is low. Although implants do not directly increase the risk of developing malignancies among the affected women, they are said to reduce the detection of new or pre-existing malignant lesions on radiographic images. The effect of this is a delay in beneficial interventions.

Typically, a few days to weeks are required for one to recover. During this period, the general advice is that one should as much as possible avoid strenuous physical activity. They should, in addition, handle their breasts with gently for not less than a month. If done in the right manner, the outcome is often very impressive.

The results vary greatly between various clients. A majority of people often say that they are satisfied but there are others who may have one or two complaints. Differences in outcomes are due to a number of factors that include, among others, the type of implant used, surgical skill, age and the effect of gravity. Over time, sagging may be seen due to gravitational pull. A second operation may be needed in such a case.

Adopting a high self-esteem is an important element to the success of the procedures. The decision as to whether the surgery is successful or not greatly depends on the client. If you have negative perceptions about your body then you are less likely to be satisfied. The reverse is also true.

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