Information About Keratin Treatment Shampoo And Conditioner

By Shawn Hunter

Human hair is made up of a natural protein called keratin. This protein forms the building block of hair and determines its characteristics and appearance. It is the bonds in the protein that cause the frizzing and curling that is characteristic in some people. Companies found a way of undoing characteristics such as frizzing which some people do not like using of chemical product. It is on this basis that keratin treatment shampoo and conditioner among other products were invented.

The working mechanisms of keratin shampoos and conditioners involve breaking bonds in hair to straighten and beautify it. However, the effect is short-lived, it may last for a while, but the original properties are regained after some time. With proper care though, most products produce effects that can last over two months.

A huge market exists for keratin products, making manufacturers to pour into production. As a result, many products are sold in different places, with some being excellent while others can damage the hair instead of making it. Consulting a stylist about what brand is best is a good idea to avoid trouble. Some clients also write brand reviews, which can be helpful in one way or another.

The length of hair determines how much time it takes to apply the chemical. However, typical sessions will take an hour or so. Before application, a suitable shampoo is used to clean the hair thoroughly to remove dirt. It is then blow dried to dry it before application is done. Experienced stylists apply the chemical one section at a time until the whole head is done. Some rest time is allowed to allow the chemical to act on the hair.

After a half an hour, another blow dry is done before a hot iron is used to treat the chemical in. The iron is usually at a very high temperature, in the excess of 450 degrees. This process does not last long because if overdone, it could the iron could burn the head. Once done, one is required to allow a period of about 72 hours before having the head styled or cleaned.

The resultant hair is normally straighter, smoother, and shinier. Some manufacturers state that better health is also achieved, although no empirical evidence exists to prove those claims. Good looks are achieved through such beautiful hair, and in addition time to be spent on making the hair is greatly reduced. Worries about running late in the morning because of time wasted making hair are no longer a problem.

Proper upkeep is necessary for the effects to last longer because they wear away over time. Poor upkeep may wear away the effects in less than a month, making one to redo the process. Regular, combing, washing, and application of suitable hair conditioner are some of the ways to proper upkeep. The kind of lifestyle one leads also affects longevity of the effects.

Most products differ in aspects such as suitability, size, availability, cost, and strength. There is always no guarantee that a product that worked well on one person will work the same way on another. Stylists can offer some advice on what product brand to use. Alternatively reviews made by clients can be helpful too.

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