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By Phyllis Schroeder

Nowadays, a lot of emphasis is on the behind. Men and women, especially women, want to increase the size of their butt and improve its overall look. Brazilian women are expected to have curvy bodies that include round and big buttocks. This is considered attractive by many standards. Brazilian butt lift Dayton OH solutions are available through many doctors practicing in the Dayton OH area.

This procedure is a type of butt augmentation. It is designed to give patients perky, youthful and prominent butts. Both men and women may have this done, although it is more common in the latter. Prime candidates are people with flat or saggy buttocks. This might also be an option for people who have undergone major weight loss and want to restore the shape of their butts. The procedure utilizes the fat from other body parts, which is the most natural way to go about the augmentation.

Doctors are expected to perform this procedure in a different way. The technique that these surgeons apply should not affect the results. However, it might impact how long the results last. The stomach, back and thighs are generally where these doctors go to extract fat for the behind. Patients who have this surgery done are expected to see a major change in their figure from the waist down because the fat removal and exchange that is done.

To contour the bottom before fat is injected and to remove fat from other body parts, liposuction is a must. The fat collected from other areas of the body needs to be processed before it can be injected into the body. This means going through processes like decanting and centrifugation. Only a small portion of fat taken will be good enough for re-injection.

Cannulas filled with the best fat are used for the re-injection step. Often the fat is inserted at varying depths and locations to make sure the absorption rate is high. This is also essential to making the results natural looking, smooth and uniform. Doctors should be trained and skilled in this type of procedure.

Patients should seek out the best doctors. It is important that they are of top quality and certified to do this work. The caliber of the doctor may impact the final results. People should look at their before-and-after portfolios, reviews and ratings, experience and credentials, fees, and available services.

Grafts have a longer lifespan if they are correctly gathered, processed and re-injected. This procedure should not involve touch ups or extra surgeries. The results are usually correlated with the skill of a surgeon. Patients who experience weight fluctuations after the operations are not expected to lose the lift, so long as the doctor did the fat grafts properly.

Specifics of this procedure, including recovery and results, will vary by individual. Doctors will request that patients make follow-up appointments, avoid sitting directly on their bottoms for a few weeks after surgery, and put on compression garments for the first couple weeks following operating. Cost of these services range. Most insurance plans and companies will not be willing to provide coverage for elective surgeries.

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