Aftercare Tips When Getting A Cosmetic Tattoo

By Shawn Hunter

Getting permanent tattoos is not only for decorative purpose or for art. There are times when people get the said procedure so that they can improve their eyebrows, lips, and the likes. If you plan to take advantage of the said cosmetic tattoo Somerville, then you have to remember the follow post-procedure tips for the matter.

First, you will need to have the cold packs. Prepare it beforehand even if there is no noticeable difference to swelling whenever you use this object. What this product can do for you is that it cools down the skin, making you feel more comfortable. It feels good, after all. Just see to it that the temperature is not at the freezing point because that can just cause damages.

The best recommendation for using the cold packs is a few times after the procedure. You can pick a cold pack for this or use a wet and chilled chamomile tea bag for it. Apply for around 10 minutes every couple of hours during the first day. You must not overdo it though. For the second day, switch to using warm moist packs.

Know that this procedure is very similar to a skin-deep wound. You can liken this to a very simple scratch you can easily get at home. You should have no problems to worry about if it simply oozes a bit or scabs a bit. The tattoos will heal at the same rate as a simple would as well.

Do not allow the affected spot to dry up. It must be kept moist all the time. The best way to do that would be to apply a healing ointment. There should be ointments, salves, and balms that one can apply on the area. If you want the best product to use for the said sensitive spots, then ask your surgeon about it.

It might be possible to see signs of allergic reactions or infections, then you must call up your makeup artist or your surgeon. You have to notify the one who take charge with the surgery for the tattoos about the said signs. Let them know about it the moment you see something wrong so that they can give you advice on how to deal with it.

Avoid doing any strenuous activities for a period of two days. This is so that you can avoid increasing your blood pressure as well as dilating your blood vessels. With an increased blood pressure and dilated blood vessels, you will just increase oozing and swelling. Sweat running on your forehead can also run to your wound strings.

Avoid scrubbing the affected area. Not only scrubbing, you also have to make sure that you do not wipe or scratch the said spot. Instead of rubbing, scratching, scrubbing, or wiping, just do a patting motion on it. That is safer, after all.

Always keep the affected areas clean. That does not mean you should wash them with soap and water immediately. Just blot them off or rinse off when they are oozing. Avoid using soap and cleansers, especially when they are alcohol based. Otherwise, you might get burned or bleached. The chemicals found in these soap and cleansers can cause these, especially from the ones with anti-aging and anti-acne treatments in them.

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