Things One Must Know Before Applying For Belly Dance Instructor Certification

By Edna Booker

Human as we are, we tend to develop our skills further than what are we doing or what we learned. If we put belly dancing as the case, one would dedicate herself to learn it and try to like it and make herself a professional instructor one day. With this, what things you need know before getting a certification.

Before you make yourself as an instructor, you first need to learn the basic and then develop it. Before you acquire for belly dance instructor certification, you need to master all the basic things that needs to be done in the class. But what are we referring to, here they are.

You should understand that in teaching it is not about the teacher but it is about the students and the class. Their safety is the most important thing you need to remind yourself always. This is why you should teach each one of them the right one and safe belly moves and posture to be executed. Do not let them do the complex belly moves if you they cant do it at this very time.

One of the most important thing that you will have to leave to your students is the knowledge of the craft that you do. It is best that you must equip yourself with the correct knowledge of the art so that you will be passing on the right ones. You also must to explain to them what these moves and posture are for as to what parts of the body this is effective or not and it is simply your responsibility to let them understand this.

Being an instructor entails that you must also be committed into your work. Yes, you need make a lesson plan so that you can plan the activities that you can do in the class. With this, you can also plan what are the possible activities that all of you can do so that the session will be fun and exciting. Have you own mix of music to be used to make the learning fun.

It will be good of you if you create a good relationship towards your class and your class towards you. This is one way to create a harmonious and fun learning environment for all of you. Give them compliments when they do good in class, give them rewards when they achieved and done something great in a session.

You should also make goals for your class. This will help them become so enthusiastic to learn the craft so they can really teach, like you, someday. Giving them these goals as early as the first sessions start is the best time to set goals for them to be determined.

Yes, the teacher gives the assignments to their students but it does not mean they need not to have assignments as well. As a teacher, you need to learn new things aside from what you already have learned. For you to achieve it, give yourself an update into this craft world.

Remember, to become a great and competitive instructor you need to have a lot of experience with the art. You need also communicate properly to them to avoid misinformation. You need always remember that you are not perfect, you are meant to make your flaws and make sure you correct everything.

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