The Power Of St Thomas Aquinas High School Football Team

By Jana Serrano

Football is undoubtedly the most popular sport in the United States. It is by far the most watched event in the entire nation, bringing together multitudes of people from all walks of life. This creates a friendly, testosterone driven atmosphere filled with shouts and cheers for their bets to win.

Most of the athletes today began during their high school years and have managed to become top of the league by the time they enter adulthood. And the most recognized institution for producing the best athletes is St Thomas Aquinas High School football team. Most notable of the teams supported and trained by the said institution is the St Thomas Aquinas Football Team called The Raiders.

The Raiders are considered the best football players in the high school level, and for valid reasons. They have also produced such student athletes as Chris Evert, Michael Irvin, and Sanya Richards Ross. Not only have they won tons of trophies, they have maintained an enviable culture of respect and professionalism.

Team sports are the best avenues for learning fantastic social skills as they provide a relatively safe simulation of what do during tough situations. One such setup can be found in schools during Physical Education classes and extra curricular activities that give students a chance at joining varsity teams and compete with other schools.

It is a bad idea according to the coach to either waste a day of practice or for the kids to miss school. But this would not make much of a difference in the game. They do not want to create excuses. They would rather manage.

Their football team has conquered all known challenges facing high school teams anywhere and have collected close to a hundred trophies through the years. Quite proudly, the school also maintained a proper website for them. This shows the online world their victories and vast number of student players who turned into world class athletes by the time they graduated.

The Raiders have been through ups and downs, just like everyone else. It goes without saying that they too faced their own weaknesses and bounced right back. With the help of their mentors and the support of the entire school, their players have learned valuable lessons, survived, and prospered season after season of hardcore full contact games.

Opponents can either attack them intelligently and powerfully, or end up reduced to a heap. Quite frankly, some even achieve both. It is still a good thing though because at least the opponent did not lose without a good fight.

The Raiders set the bar high with their stellar defense and unstoppable touchdowns. For them, it is a matter of doing what is needed to be done. The manner of execution is incomparable and this team is almost unbeatable. If there are loopholes in their techniques, they can find them and fix them. They are a confident team with a highly competent coach to boot. If anything, they can dissect the weaknesses of other teams too. This enables them to find a way to exploit their defenses and ensure a victory in the end.

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