The Link Between Yoga And Fashion

By Jordan Schmidt

There are many who might not see the connection between something that is connected to spirituality and something that is vain. This is why it might be hard for some to see the connection between yoga and fashion. One is has been developed for the spiritual advancement of man and the other is more about the superficial. But there is more to what seems obvious.

Today's world is fast past and busy all the time, and it is easy to reach for a quick fix for everything. So when one decides to practice exercises that move at a slower pace in some instances, they might find it boring. If a person takes the time to go at their own pace they will learn much more about themselves and what is true for them.

This fast past trend is also seen in the world where beauty and clothing are all that is apparently talked about. A person is usually exposed to trends clothing before they see them in stores. Sometimes it is important to slow down and figure out what will or will not work first before going along with whatever is put out for the public to buy.

Another relationship that is shared is that of complexity. A person might engage in one aspect of a spiritual practice and think that there is nothing else to think about. They may fail to understand that the physical fitness aspects are more than just movements that one does every day. There are many other areas that will help a person achieve greater balance in life besides poses.

The type of clothing one wears is also multidimensional. There are a number of factors that go into designing a piece of clothing that many do not realize. There is the line, color, texture, among other things which have to be looked at before a particular design can be realized. There are also themes that a designer might have for his or her collection which reflect the direction fashion is going.

There is a purpose for everything and is true for the poses that one does and the clothes they wear. A person should know why they are doing poses since they are more than just exercises. They are meant to help connect the mind with the body which is important for balance and rejuvenation. The right intention will help a person to achieve that purpose.

This is also true for clothes that people wear all the time. It is important to know what needs to be done or where one has to go before making the right choice. Even though some might say that it is what's on the inside that counts, people see the outside first. So the way a person dresses every day sends a certain impression on others which affects the experience and purpose one has in life.

In order to see the connection between two seemingly unrelated things, one has to go deeper than the surface. By studying the basic things of life, one can see how everything is connected in some way. This is one of the best ways to grow and experience life.

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