Sunless Tanner, Health And Skin Condition

By Haywood Hunter

A sunless tan is recommendable because of the numerous benefits it has. This means of bronzing your skin is energy and time saving hence convenient to use. Unlike sun tanning which exposes one to ultraviolet rays, sunless tanning enables one to get a golden glow on your sin without being exposed to solar intensity. Sun tanning is painful, time consuming and dangerous for your health. There are various reasons as to why a sunless tanner is better.

Most importantly the method is safe for your health. Cancer is a terminal disease that people would not wish to be associated with. The ailment has no cure and involves many remedies that are costly so as to prolong life. Indoors tanning does not expose you to harmful sunlight intensity which can be a major cause of skin cancer.

Unlike sun bronzing that brings effects like sunburns, freckles and tan lines, this means aims at giving you a new golden glow and healing skin blemishes. Sun tanning will always expose you to long hours of sun intensity. The danger is that increased solar radiation on the skin activates melanocytes that make more melanin be produced. The more the melanin one has the higher the probability of getting sunburns and freckles. The spots get darker with time and become visible.

Sun bronzing is costly and time consuming. It involves lying under the skin for a long period. This can trigger skin related disorders such as skin cancer. People suffering from the disease use a lot of money for treatment which make it expensive. The advantage of this indoors method is that it will only take four to six hours to get the new tan. This saves time, money and energy as one does not need long hours under the sun.

Unlike outdoor tanning that causes premature ageing of your skin this method aims at ensuring your skin looks younger. Quit often harmful sun rays quicken the rate at which your skin gets old. Destructive ultraviolet rays makes the DNA in the skin mutate. If the situation repeats itself the mutated DNA accumulate in the skin.

Convenience is another advantage that makes a indoor tans recommendable. Indoors tanner products that are used to tan your skin are always found in most stores, salons, firms that offer tanning service and also on the internet. They are also convenient for using because only one application is enough to make a person get a new glow that can be maintained for a specific period depending on how well the product is applied.

Sunless tanning also aims at getting rid of blemishes on your skin. Some of them include jagged skin, scars and spider veins. Outdoor bronzing does not heal disorders on your skin; actually it causes more like sunburns. Indoor tanning is advisable for those concerned about their ageing, dry and ruptured skin among other conditions.

Getting tans from sunlight exposure is extremely dangerous for your health and one should avoid it. This is because it can lead to skin diseases and often make one get a bad effect on the skin such as tan lines, sunburns and freckles. The good news is one can avoid all these results by utilizing sunless tanners.

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