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By Francis Riggs

Cosmetic face surgery is the best technique that comprehensively deals with facial creases and sagging which cannot be avoided as one ages. It may be extensive and sophisticated or just minimally invasive. The excess skin is removed during the operation, tissues and muscles underneath tightened and neck and face skin redrawn. It also rectifies double chin, jowls, marionette lines and also midface sagging. This makes it the gold standard in facial reconstruction. Below is a discussion about face lift Richmond IN.

It is to be considered when one is not satisfied by the appearance of his or her face. This may be due to the social circle one is in or career or just to have back a youthful energy level and spirit. Sometimes is because of heredity, sun exposure and gravity toll.

Many varied techniques on going about it do exist including the traditional method where the incision is done along the hairline all round to just in front of the ears. Limited incision technique is just like the traditional one but the cuts are not continuous. Neck lift is also another technique and it involves incisions running from earlobe front up to the lower scalp. A small cut is also done under the chin. Note that regardless of technique used, the outcome will be similar.

The merits of doing this procedure include first and foremost making one look much younger. The better part is that it lasts for several years. It is also hailed for redoing the neck and also jawline contours much better than other techniques applied to deal with such. There are demerits which include having to go for a redo in future if you are to maintain the look and also there are potential complications which may arise. The procedure also does not construct new you but just recreate a younger you.

Smoking cessation should be done six weeks prior to prevent complications to wound healing in preparation for the operation. NSAIDs and anticoagulant medications should be withheld as they increase bleeding time. Hydration levels should be maintained as per the recommendations pre and post-surgery to ensure a safe recovery.

Possible risks associated with cosmetic surgery include poor wound healing, permanent or temporary facial nerve damage, persistent pain and also numbness. Other facial skin sensation issues, hematomas, bleeding, breathing problems and reactions to anesthesia drugs are among the risks too.

After the surgery one is to avoid lifting objects, bending, straining and taking NSAIDs. Cigarette or bhang smoking should be avoided too and any occasion which could expose one to passives smoking. You can wear make up to conceal the scars for the period following the surgery. Note that some swelling maybe present shortly after the procedure and face numbness lasting for months.

The prognosis is good most times. But there may be swelling, skin discoloration, tenderness, numbness, bruising and numbness for about two weeks post-surgery. The scars are usually concealed by the hairline and do fade eventually as time goes by. It is advisable to avoid sun exposure incidences for prolonged benefits.

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