Procedure On Invisalign Laguna Hills

By Freida Michael

Transparent teeth aligners are becoming a lot more popular as a better alternative to bracing for the purpose of straightening teeth. Due to the fact that they are not even close to traditional braces in terms of their appearances many people are in the dark on how the whole procedure does happen. Explained below is the procedure on invisalign Laguna Hills.

Once one is identified as a suitable candidate to the procedure then her or his records are taken. This will include the face and teeth details. Teeth dental impressions and two x-rays are taken after the recording and fed into a machine which carries out this procedure with instruction of how teeth are to be.

The previously done impression is supposed to get scanned in three dimension and the model is then saved in a computer. People specialized in the computers begin to align these models by placing every tooth to its right position. Once all this has been done, the specialist checks to have a picture of how teeth will be aligned. They have the knowledge of exactly what needs to be done but the client also has a right to decide and be listened to. They make a final copy when the patient becomes satisfied.

When the results are satisfactory then the orthodontist makes series of aligners or trays and sends them back to a service provider. This may take at least four weeks to get the results. The teeth straightening process then can commence.

Each set of trays is worn for at least two weeks. They are made in such a way that the succeeding one is tighter than the predecessor in Alison Viejo, CA. Typically a tenth of a millimeter is the movement interval with each tray set. This means each aligner leaves the teeth a bit straighter than before. The trays exert pressure onto the teeth until they take the aligners shape by the time they are to get removed.

The second step is bringing teeth at the front a bit forward. The third step becomes correction of overcrowding through making the teeth a little skinnier. This process is referred to as interproximal reduction in Alison Viejo, CA. It is not noticeable and sits well within teeth enamel preventing sensitivity issues to the patient occurring later.

The aligners are to get worn for constantly much of the time during the day. The main advantage with them is ability to be removed during eating. They are also to get taken out to be brushed and flossed during brushing of your teeth. The recommended length of wearing them in a day should be at least twenty hours.

Once the last tray has been fixed and removed, the next step is to have the retainers. Most clients who have been fixed with trays prefer that the retainers have a similar color to that of the trays used. Some of them want it to be fixed permanently on the front teeth of the lower jaw. It is up to the choice of a client.

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